• The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II

    by potter, Posted28 Mar 2014

    Just shy of one year since the brilliant and perhaps overlooked monster-slaying, steampunk action role-playing game The Incredible Adventures of Van H

  • The Golf Club (with Preview Gameplay)

    by Daavpuke, Posted28 Mar 2014

    Despite having a cushy gig as one of EA’s sports stables, members from developer HB Studios decided to go it alone and create The Golf Club with

  • Titanfall

    by potter, Posted18 Feb 2014

    The Titanfall hype-train is nearing its final stop, with the release of Respawn Entertainment’s wall-running shoot-a-mech coming to Xbox and PC




23 Apr, 2014

Most likely game to be revealed at E3 this year:

  • The Last Guardian (for real, this time)
  • Half-Life 3
  • Metroid U
  • Advance Wars 3D
  • Chrono Trigger (reboot)
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