That's right, the muse decided to escape quickly from Tomb Raider to shine in a digitally distributed game by Square Enix. Guardian of Light tries to innovate in a variety of gameplay mechanics, starting with the isometric view. Sadly, gamers do not see up close the beautiful character of the game developed by Crystal Dynamics. As usual, Lara goes in search of an ancient artifact. The story revolves around an object called Mirror of Smoke, which held an evil being known as Xoxolt. The enemy is released from his prison, but fortunately he was not alone. The old warrior Totec (responsible for the imprisonment of Xoxolt) appears to help Lara. The new information revealed by Gamespot site refer to the cooperative mode, in which a pair of players can enter and Totec Lara in an attempt to exterminate hordes of enemies along the way. The details suggest that the experience with a friend can be much more rewarding than the single player gameplay.



Players will have no difficulty in defeating opponents, because of the traditional control scheme: PC, mouse and keyboard; a pin moves the character and the other directs the sight. A separate button changes the weapon to be fired. Lara and Totec can use two pistols, shield/spear, assault rifles, flamethrowers and grenade launchers. With the exception of the first two sets of weapons mentioned, the other equipment don't have infinite ammo. Only those who like to shoot many bullets against the walls will have no problems with the ammunition limit, as there are boxes everywhere. Even amazing creatures - such as giant spiders - may demand a lot of shooting, the amount of bullets should not disturb the players during the action. But spend it with precision, since your partner may be leading to more number of points acquired. Of course, this little "competition for points" is not the focus of the experience. Puzzles very well prepared should be solved together. Overcoming the challenges occurs through a wise use of the abilities of each of the protagonists. A bit different from what occurs in the Tomb Raider franchise, which many of the games require the player to lose hours trying to get an artifact in a hidden temple.


Want an example? There is a seemingly unattainable treasure in a higher place. The solution is to literally act with your partner: Totec throws several spears into a wall that Lara can climb and collect the reward. The warrior's shield is also used on occasion as well as the Lara's hook , which can be thrown to serve even as a temporary bridge to Totec. It became clear that sometimes the action is replaced by the ingenuity of the puzzles. How about finding a safe path across platforms without being trapped by prickly obstacles or killed by the spines?



Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light, despite being presented in a simpler way than previous Tomb Raider games, promises to offer great challenges to the players. It is also noted that Lara Croft doesn't carries the Tomb Raider brand anymore, which can be either good or bad. Nonetheless, the innovative cooperative mode seems a good addition to the game.  The title should emerge on the PC (via digital distribution), Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network on the end of 2010.


If you want to discuss the game in the forums, please head over here and share your opinion with your fellow gamers.

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  • avatar RON

    Seems different than the usual Tomb Raider but it should be fun to play. Nice preview. Sorry I had to edit the title. Perhaps you can attached this thread at the bottom of at article. Will be a nice practice. Nice preview btw. It's nice seeing you back with your usual writings.

    You probably don't have the NoobFeed watermark template. I will email you the psd for your future articles.

    Posted Jul 23, 2010

  • aha!!! very nice preview!! yup its gonna be pretty innovative!!! this is what i call one of the most anticipating DLCs to come. however i dont like the idea of sticking the franchise to this type of gameplay. it can ruin the franchise itself as the game mechanism which made TR famous can be lost.

    Posted Jul 23, 2010

  • Nice preview. I had my eye on this game for while now. Even though I'm not a big fan of this series, I want to give this game a try.

    Posted Jul 23, 2010

  • Excellent preview Marco. I can't wait for this game :D

    @RON : Thank you. I was going to suggest the same thing to Marco :)

    Posted Jul 24, 2010

  • It's been years since the last time Lara actually interested me.. in fact, it's the first time lol. I never liked Tomb Raider, never found them to be anything else but a character for which teenage boys fell for back in the days and so they played the game, but this one title caught my attention. Although I'm not much of a lover for an obligatory second character (I don't like playing online much for co-op, yet I hate when you have to carry an AI around since AI's well.. it's an AI, you know how that is), but it will still be worth checking out.

    Posted Jul 24, 2010

  • Great work, I got around to reading this and was impressed. Can't wait to have you back writing features, which I feel is where your strength is.

    Posted Jul 27, 2010

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