During the 1990s, a new genre emerged in the world of electronic entertainment: the First Person Shooter genre. Also known as FPS, this new formula was consolidated thanks to the sense of immersion that was provided to the player. Basically, the gamer watched the main character's vision, seeing only the weapons and the arms while destroying opponents. Many people said that this experience was like being in the game. After Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake - the first three giants, who established the genre's structure - the FPS world has not stopped. Several other titles emerged, bringing more and more interesting proposals, such as Half-Life, which featured an elaborate and impressive plot. For many, FPS is also about having fun with other players scattered around the globe. After all, who never played Counter-Strike? Valve, responsible for the title, has reason to be proud of. During the time when CS dominated the Internet cafes, many other games also appeared to enjoy the beauties of the connection between players. Currently, there are several titles in the  frontline. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is perhaps one of the most notable examples, but other games like Battlefield: Bad Company 2. However, Modern Warfare 2 deserves respect, too, breaking the record of the entire entertainment industry to reach more than 4.7 million copies sold in its first day.
Undoubtedly, the FPS genre is extremely popular. Perhaps a major reason for this is its own gameplay formula, requiring the player's skill and, in some instances some tactical planning.But reaching an advanced level in these games is not easy. In the beginning, it's normal to be shot over and over, without even knowing where the shot comes. You can even feel like giving up. However, if you are persistent, soon learn how to survive on the battlefield. To ease your journey, I decided to gather some tips that could save your life in FPS style games. Ready?First of all, it is worth to mention that many of these tips can be considered basic. Players who already have some affinity to the genre will recognize most of the tricks . However, if you are a beginner, or constant bad luck due to die several times, look out for all the details.
Aim and Shoot
Either on consoles or PC, there is something that is essential in FPS: aiming. Yes, it seems strange, but it is not difficult to find players who simply shot in all directions when they see an opponent. Okay, sometimes it is normal to enter in stress mode especially when you are familiar with the genre, but try to stay calm and breathe. Almost every game nowadays, allow the player to shoot in two ways. In the first, the player shoots the enemy without much precision, just pointing at the screen. However, the latter requires that the gamer press a button to make use of the gun - often mapped on the right mouse button and the joystick's left trigger - which results in shots with more precision, but less mobility. 
In practice it might seem complicated, but in game, it's totally intuitive. So remember: when you see the enemy, calm down, aim the gun and shot. This will make your life much easier, allowing you to annihilate enemies from a considerable distance. Fortunately, shooting without using the sight  can be your advantage. If you use the gun your mobility will be impaired and your character will end up like a sieve. Ideally, shoot and run at the same time, a move that could save your life and still end up with the enemy while you escape.
Increasing Accuracy
Virtually every game in the FPS genre allows the player to crouch and get through areas of difficult access, and it can be used to increase accuracy. Some games also provide the opportunity to lie on the floor, eliminating almost any inaccuracy. Unfortunately, not every gamer remembers that. Besides, you will have more chances to hit your opponent, When it comes to sniper, the famous long-distance shooters, the action is almost indispensable. Do not think that by lying or crouching down your character becomes a real John Rambo, with perfect accuracy. The weapons have a setback - or recoil, as some prefer to call - and it must be controlled for optimum performance. In a game try to shoot non-stop with a heavy machinegun. The sight stopped by the sky? This is due to the recoil. Fortunately, there are techniques that can reduce this problem. For PCs, it is known by many from the Counter-Strike era, which was not possible to target with the gun, just point. When shooting with an AK-47, for example, was necessary to control the bursts or shoot slowly to hit the target. However, with a little practice, some players could strafe opponents unloading a full magazine without stopping. How? Controlling the recoil. Much of the current games offers a more realistic experience, making the compensation retreat somewhat more difficult. However, the same technique used in Counter-Strike can be used to reduce the effect and significantly increase the chances of eliminating several opponents at once.
Reloading at the Right Time 
Sometimes it can result in something very dangerous if you simply waste bullets. Normally, you get a number of bullets in your clip. Often you will find many enemies around the map. The first can be killed without any many problems. Also, aim for headshots. It will save your ammo and you can kill the others without having ammo issues. However, when you're about to finish an opponent, your player will stop firing after the first shot. Why? You forgot to reload.  The example above shows the importance of stopping to reload your weapon. To know the exact time, keep an eye in the HUD, constantly checking how much ammo you have left. When the number is close to zero, stop and reload your gun. This is a simple tip, but that is often ignored or forgotten. The ideal is to create the habit of pressing the reload button whenever you feel you are about to run out of bullets. This increases your chances of eliminating the enemie. But beware: the player presses the reload button and is surprised by another soldier... Reloading is something essential but at times, when you reach a new area make sure that you reload before entering a new section. You must be careful not to fall into any trap.
Swaping Weapons
You read the basic tips on reloading and should be ready to deliver some bullet  to your opponents. But there are still some details that deserve to be shared. First, some day you will come face to face with an enemy while reloading, no matter how cautious you are. And what should be done? There are two basic solutions to this situation. Switch to pistol: Modern Warfare 2 teaches this tip in the tutorial. If you have not had the opportunity to check out the game, pay attention. Like most games of the genre, MW2 provides two weapons to the gamer: primary and secondary - in addition to the classic knife. While you reload your rifle an enemy appears on your screen. What should you do? Simply change with agility, to the pistol (secondary) and send some cute bullets. This tactic is one of the best and most efficient solutions to moments like this, but requires a little practice - and luck. If you prefer, you can try the hard way. After sighting the enemy while charging, try changing to the pistol, and quickly change back to the rifle. He'll probably be with few bullets as well, but they may be enough to kill the enemy. 
Camper !?!
You have probably heard of the word "camper". This is a player that, quite literally, camped in a spot where remains eliminating those who cross his path. Well, even hated by many, this strategy can be very useful. When you're in the shoes of a sniper, camper is something very suitable. After all, you have a rifle with little ammunition - usually - and low mobility. In addition, your shots require great precision, forcing the player to remain static. Avoid camping in one place. After killing one or two enemies, and realize that you have been spotted or noticed, immediately leave the "hideout". Thus, you become invisible to opponents and increase your chances of survival. Otherwise, you may be surprised. Another important suggestion is to stay calm in your moments of camping. Sometimes you will be hidden and notice that a group of enemies has just crossed your path without seeing you. Shoot and kill, right? Not exactly. Often, the players walk in groups - which is correct - and the death of one of them can be the camper's death. Thus, the ideal is to spot the enemy and stay calm - this is tempting, I know. Wait until then leave the spot and if they are alligned... then yes, send bullets. Instead of an enemy, you end up with the whole team. If I spot a hidden enemy, what should I do?" This is a complicated issue. Well, actually the best - and only - solution is to eliminate it, but how? When you see an opponent behind an obstacle such as a wall, try to "pull down". Basically, "pull down" is to shoot through walls. Some weapons, like rifles and snipers are capable of crossing surfaces, allowing to kill the opponent. It is worth exploring the possibilities of each gun and surfaces to enjoy this technique. Unfortunately, not all games have this feature.
Send some 'nades
The grenades can cause considerable damage. Therefore, it is important to remember some tips. First, these magnificent weapons can be launched almost anywhere, in houses and through small holes. That makes it an extremely lethal weapon, thanks to the wide range of possibilities. Moreover, the grenades can also rebound, allowing moves to a table and more. When you see an enemy near, but out of reach of radar, try to find a way to throw a grenade using the wall as a table. The result can be overwhelming. Remember that it works normally for any type of grenade. The same may also occur with other weapons such as grenade launchers, missiles and even knives, for example.
Be a "Good" Player
When playing online, most importantly, have fun. For this, you should always collaborate with the team. Avoid purposely disrupt the companions, work in teams and do not take advantage of bugs. The game relies on you to be fun and when all work together, the experience gets even better. With all this, you will have no difficulty spending quality time with the FPS genre, even if you are an experienced player or not...
This is my modest selection of tips for those players who want to make it in the FPS genre. If you remember any more, be sure to comment! Good luck on the battlefield.
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  • Not to brag but first person shooter really are my type of games. I always have some nice stats online. On all COD, Killzone 2 and both Resistance games my kill ratio is above 2.

    Nice tips in the blog. Most of them I learned to myself by just playing.

    Posted Jul 31, 2010

  • mm.. I actually never played Counter Strike, but yeah some of these games require skills. I think every genres will have games that require skills and others that don't, whether it's FPS or not. Not to be confused with boosters though, who in vast majority have absolutely no skills at all.

    Posted Jul 31, 2010

  • In games where run-and-gun is not the norm (like CS), it should be best to mention that crouching and aiming is key to making kills.

    Posted Aug 01, 2010

  • ah!! I remember all these tips. i got to learn in a hard way by playing multiplayer games especially Counter Strike a lot.

    Posted Aug 01, 2010

  • Camping in some online games can be different..I find the word camper in the games I play online more to be pertaining to the enemies spawn point. "generally you'll here "Stop camping our spawn you beeping beeper beep!* :P I always forget to crouch to improve accuracy ALWAYS. I find myself unable to push the right button on pc gaming while moving and crouching at the same time. And I try to be a good player...but sometimes I find myself running ahead to "suprise" the other side. =D Needless to say I can get yelled at on the occassion in games. :P

    Posted Aug 02, 2010
  • avatar RON

    Excellent guide.

    Posted Aug 02, 2010

  • I panic most of the time when I see an enemy. Though I end up killing it/them but I panic. I enjoy it. I feel like a mad shooter. But when I play on LAN, I keep myself as clam as possible and still panic though. lol. I totally agree with the swapping weapons technique. It really works. Most people just wait and reload while they get shot but a quick swap really does the work. And, the last point is the most important. Being a bad@$$ in a team never really helps.

    Really loved the article. Where is the publish at facebook button :D

    Posted Aug 02, 2010

  • Sure but there were also less known titles like Hexen, Heretic, Rise of the Triad, the Terminator shooters, not to mention Duke Nukem which sparked the interest for the genre. With my respect to the games you've mentioned(and especially for Quake as it was the first FPS to feature online multiplayer) I still believe that the 3 giants who pushed the genre forward were Unreal Tournament, Quake 3 and Half-Life(I would have also included Delta Force but it didn't leave so much of an impact as the others...), each with it's unique game style.

    Ow, and please don't credit Valve with something they aren't responsable for. Counter Strike started out as a mod for Quake, named Action Quake. The team that worked on it broke up and started modding other games to try and give the sense of realism to their original game, and so were made Action Unreal(I don't remember if this was the exact title but I've played it) and Action Quake 2. Still trying to force the note of realism, the team modded the Half-Life engine and so Counter-Strike was born. After some years in which Valve didn't give too much of a damn about the mods, they decided to buy the IP( and hire some of the original team members), market it as their own and praise themselves for creating something revolutionary...

    As for the guide, I find it great for the people who are new to the genre. As an addition I recommend something that you can call strafe aiming, namely using your character's strafing movement to aim, rather that using your mouse, as it gives you an advantage in faster paced game, also that there's a cool way to improve your aiming by flanking a pole/garbage can/etc strafing in a circular motion around it while at the same time keeping your crosshair on it. And although dull, always keep your aim at the same level as the the opponent's head, if you bump unexpectedly into him a a press of the trigger can do a lot of damage :D

    Posted Aug 02, 2010

  • The first FPS game I played was Wolfenstein3D. Man, that the most awesome game back then.

    Posted Aug 08, 2010

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