Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

By canana, Posted 15 Aug 2010

The Pro Evolution Soccer series wants to fight for the title once again. The uncomfortable second place on the podium is shaking Konami's development team, which promises a revolution in the franchise that made history on the PlayStation 2, but need to reach the gold prize in the seventh generation consoles. FIFA, the main - if not only - in the rival kingdom of soccer simulators, overcome if each issue. New graphics, gameplay and features are allied to the extensive list of official licenses that give shape to one of the best titles of football simulation ever made.


It is true that the comparison is somewhat unfair, considering that PES has always favored the arcade style, while the FIFA series has always excelled for the simulation, two genres and different play styles, but they deal with a public policy - the virtual soccer fans - ended up in the same field. Worse for the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise, which had to compete with the advances of EA Sports. But everything is about to change, unlike what happened in previous years, now it's for real. There is no denying, PES 11 will include many new features and a completely redesigned gaming system - but will these changes enough to score the wining goal?


One of the most significant changes to the new edition is a change of pace. The game is more rhythmic and the anarchy arcade style seems to be in their final days. In other words, gone are the days when it was enough to pass the ball to the team playmaker and he ran the entire field and scored the goal by himself. Now the focus is teamwork, passing the ball. Players do not just run in straight lines (or on the side lines, driving the ball) and the athletes have more freedom to move through the field. However, changes of direction are not well built and it seems that players take too long to be able to change its trajectory. Still, this change is very welcome and is a step in the right direction.



Another feature was the redesigned pass system. With the changes the player has more control over what will be done with the ball. You control the strength, direction and even the simplest touches. While requiring a bit of acclimation for the players already familiar with the semiautomatic system, the result is something much more natural, which provides the necessary freedom to create more intelligent and unexpected moves.  The balls are much more refined. With the new system you can force with effect passes that fall into the "bad" side of the defenders (wrong-foot), exploring the limitations of the adversary and creating scoring opportunities clearer. 


Visually PES 11 is divided between optimal models - increasingly close to real athletes - and broken animations. In fact the players movements good but not as smooth as expected - especially if we take the FIFA series as standard.  But the teams editor is more dynamic, beautiful and intuitive. The drag and drop system allows you to coordinate strategies for the game very easily. Just drag the icons for the desired parts of the field, simple as that. 


In the end, it is too early to answer that question from the beginning. Why are most undeniable changes PES 2011, we will only know if they really improved the series when the game hits the stores in November.


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  • I agree with the fact PES needs something quite extraordinary revolution so that it can have an upperhand over FIFA. I was seriously impressed with FIFA 10. Also I was pretty disappointed with bith PES 09 and PES 10.

    Posted Aug 15, 2010
  • avatar RON

    Agreed with the statement you gave regarding rivalry. But it was inevitable. Only two (upto certain standard) soccer simulation maker, had to face each other sooner or later. From last few years PES has been a big pain in @$$ for FIFA; no doubt about that.

    I'm looking forward to see what upgrades are on the plate this year for both he game. I'll be playing on PC and FIFA did disappoint me with its PC version, where as PES made my life happier. Biggest lack for PES, I’d say is its keyboard control difficultly level. PC gamers will only go for FIFA because it’s impossible to play PES take to take the gameplay upto certain level.

    Let’s wait till Nov for the answer this fine preview seeks ;)

    On a side note, preview like this really requires to be liked with a thread at the forum you know what type.

    Posted Aug 16, 2010

  • Nice work mate.

    Posted Aug 16, 2010

  • I was expecting to read a little more about the Become a Legend mode but I'm guessing you didn't explore that part much before writing. I'm very much looking forward to play it or I should say I can't wait to play it.

    Posted Aug 16, 2010

  • Nice preview :)

    Posted Aug 17, 2010

  • Although a huge footy (soccer) fan, I have never played any soccer video games:|  Should try one some time soon.

    Posted Aug 17, 2010

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