Creating a game that tailors to choice and control is a difficult task. Dishonored attempts to do this by giving players a multitude of options to tackle each mission, while shifting the environment based on these choices. It become what Deus Ex: Human Revolution  attempted to be but doesn’t succeed in the same way. While Dishonored gives you the freedom to complete any mission in multiple ways it fails to create a climatic experience that can compare to Human Revolution. Deus Ex: Human Revolution  gives you an array of options to tackle each objective but implements certain handicaps when a boss battle ensues regardless of what powers you’ve chosen. These titles have polar opposite stories but both offer different styles and gameplay elements centered on choice and consequence, and choosing how to tackle each objective in each adventure has its own strengths and weakness. 

Choose your path wisely 

Both games focus on how you choose to tackle missions. You can choose to eliminate all the targets within the vicinity or sneak in undetected. Each environment tailors to specific powers and abilities in for optimal maneuverability, allowing players to fully commit to whatever style they choose. However while getting through the environment may be an large option, dealing with the final results may not. While Dishonored allows you to eliminate the target in multiple ways Deus Ex: Human Revolution  sometimes only gives you one option, kill. However this may not have been as bad as people made it out to be, perhaps allowing players to face an actual boss allows for more closure then going through an entire story without murdering anyone.  

Adam Jensen in Deus Ex: Human Revolution  is a professional operative that cares for civilian life and those close to him, but these traits can be easily changed during the course of the game. Players could tailor Jensen for infiltration or combat but during certain events, such as boss fights, players had to face battles that relied heavily on combat and had only one outcome. This was a primary complaint among gamers and critics since it forced players to adapt to specifically combat and made it difficult for those who invested in stealth. For a game that was develop on choice and freedom forcing the story into a specific path was strange. However it always allowed for some great boss fights against some amazing enemies. Despite being implemented in a confusing way these battles offered something that was unfortunately absent in Dishonored. 

Don't expect an easy victory

Corvo Attano, a skilled bodyguard to the Empress Jessamine Kaldwin, blessed to command supernatural forces and extraordinary skilled with conventional  weapons. Unlike Jensen Corvo’s backstory is limited and more malleable on the choices you make. By collecting mystical items called runes and bonecharms players could alter and upgrade Corvo’s abilities for offensive, defensive, or stealth. Unlike Human Revolution choosing any ability over another doesn’t leave you at a disadvantage in any point in the game, it’s possible to beat the game without purchasing any new abilities or killing anyone without feeling at a disadvantage. This does mean that the player won’t find any exciting boss fights or challenging enemies to face, unless they choose to violently kill everyone. While you will meet a lot of interesting characters to fight they won’t give the same performance as one of members of Tyrant. 

Both games are in first-person you won’t control Adam Jensen the same way you would control Corvo Attano. Each character is frail and can be easily overcome by opposing forces if not properly prepared. Corvo relies heavily on supernatural powers, tonics, and conventional weapons to tackle each objective and enemy. These abilities range from teleporting to possessing creatures, all made possible by a supernatural and omnipotent being known as The Outsider. Jensen relies on augmented technology, specialized medication, and energy bars to maintain his energy levels for special attacks and powers. Jensen and Corvo have their own tactics on how to sneak and fight throughout the battlefield with ease. Maintaining and properly using your abilities in order to complete your task is essential, especially if you plan to get those pesky achievements. 

Make your choices now, but later it won't matter

Human Revolution is absent of these supernatural anomalies but uses science-fiction to explain certain gameplay mechanics. Jensen has an array of upgrades to choose from such a clocking, breaking through walls, and seeing through walls. Unlike Corvo these powers are granted through technological advancements rather than the god-like creature. This is a relatable story, as humanity advances and we fly closer to the sun will our wings burn and send us falling to the earth like Icarus. While Dishonored does touch on themes of revenge and redemption it doesn’t have the same link as Human Revolution. Instead it is a wonderful and bleak science-fiction title that properly uses revolution, the supernatural, and revenge. 

These are two very different looking games. Dishonored is a set in the fictional city of Dunwall, modeled after Victorian London, at the peak of an industrial revolution. Unlike Human Revolution supernatural forces and technology exist together. Following the philosopher Esmond Roseburrow’s discovery to use whale oil as fuel the port city flourish with new weaponry and marvels to be powered by the mammal’s byproduct. It’s unfortunate that you are unable to properly communicate with these characters that inhabit this dark world in the same way as Human Revolution. While this environment is wonderfully crafted it didn’t leave the same impact as Human Revolution’s style. 

Looks a lot like Bioshock

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is set in a world that combines Bladerunner and Robocop setting. The rich gold palette mixed with the grim environment colors create a distinctive look. Humanity has integrated a new technology called augmentation that requires the removal of human limbs in exchange for cybernetic ones. These advancements have caused a series of political, social, and economical issues that lead into a deep conspiracy with a lot of people pulling the strings. Talking to these people who’ve lead these parties allow you to gain information that could be useful in later missions. 

Although Dishonored received a higher amount of acclaim then Deus Ex: Human Revolution  both titles have their own strengths and weakness when looked at side by side. Dishonored clearly has an advantage when it comes to choices in the gameplay, allowing the player to decide how to wish to seek there revenge in this elaborately crafted world. However it fails to create a memorable fight or climax. Human Revolution does an equally great job of creating a detailed world and compelling story that deals with easily relatable ideals, however the one way boss fights prevents you from showing any mercy. Both Dishonored and Deus Ex: Human Revolution offers a rich and engaging experience, the decision is whether you want something with more action or more freedom. 


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