Lee Everett has seen and done so much in his journey with Clementine, but now it has now come to a end. In July Telltale Games announced that season 2 of The Walking Dead: The Game was confirmed, but no information was given about it was given. Those who finished The Walking Dead: Episode 5 - No Time Left were left with a cliffhanger that has the player wondering about the fate of this tormented girl. Everyone has a theory of what may happen and these are my predictions of what might happen in season 2 of this extraordinary game.


Clementine’s Fate



At the end of No Time Left Clementine was left alone in the countryside with only a gun at her side and the survival lessons taught to her by Lee. During her final moments with Lee he attempted to guide her in opening a door into a room that housed a walker. Lee instructed Clementine in breaking the window, getting handcuffs, using the baseball bat, and finally deciding his fate. It’s clear that this was Lee passing the torch to Clementine and now she finds herself in a field following whatever Lee’s final words. Clementine then spots two figures on the hill who could be Christa and Omid, complete strangers, or a new protagonist.

Perhaps Telltale Games will allow players to import the data from season 1 to season 2. Throughout Lee’s adventure he made some enemies, some allies and most importantly influenced Clementine. Telltale Games will introduce a new protagonist and maybe this new character could be the new protector of Clementine. Based on your decisions as Lee Clementine has developed into different versions.  I assume that we won’t be controlling Clementine because when Lee gives her his final order a prompt appears stating “Clementine will remember”. It’s also possible that Clementine may lose hope in life after seeing her parents reanimated or may blame herself for what happened to Lee. 


Omid and Christa Return

The optimistic history enthusiast Omid and the domineering pregnant woman Christa weren’t the most popular characters of season 1 but remain the only ones who survived episode 5. Christa is still stricken with the idea of whether she wants to bring a child into the world and possibly attempts to abort the pregnancy when she grabbed the bottle from Kenny’s hand. It’s clear that Omid is still unaware of her condition and how he’ll react once he finds out would make an interesting conservation. Telltale Games didn’t attempt to flesh out this predicament and may be saving it for season 2. I wonder if we’re going to have another Lori birthing situation. 



Lee Returns

It’s hard to doubt that Lee survived episode 5 but finding a reanimated version of the history professor is possible. When Lee is trapped in the jewelry store with Clementine it’s up to the player on how to end it. Lee may be handcuffed but zombies have no problem ripping off their limbs for a meal or simply to get free. If you choose to shoot Lee you’ll notice that the killing blow is questionable because of the final breath at the end and Clementine flinching during the final shot. This could be a pointless observation and Telltale is simply teasing the possibly of Lee's return, but till season 2 is release I’m going to be hopeful. 


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  • Whatever happens next, I just don't want to see Lee back as a zombie.
    Posted Dec 18, 2012

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