My Top 5 Achievement Hunter Videos

Achievement Hunter at their best.

By Grayshadow, Posted 12 Jul 2013

YouTube is full of an incredible assortment of entertaining videos and as a gamer I tend to focus my attention on fantastic shows like Sanity not Included and Sonic for Hire, but nothing comes close to Roosterteeth’s Achievement Hunter. Watching Geoff, Gavin, Jack, Ryan, Ray, Michael, and Caleb remains the constant highlights of my day. Whether it’s a new episode of Vs or the latest Minecraft Let’s Play for the Tower of Pimps I always look forward to next video with high esteem. It may sound impossible but after so many wonderful videos I’ve decided to pick out the top five that I personally think are the best of the best.

5. Let’s Play - Minecraft Part 2 - On the Rails!

This fantastic Let’s Play was where Gavin Free first pitched, what I thought would’ve been a successful show, Wuggles finds J-role. And on a minor note it’s was also the first appearance of The Tower of Pimps. What I thought to be a simple joke went on to become the origin point for every Minecraft competition afterwards. It was also one of those rare Achievement Hunter videos where Joel made an appearance, and ended with a brilliant off-screen rumble between Michael and Gavin.

4. Let's Play WWE '13

While the Minecraft Let’s Play provides loads of entertainment it isn’t the only titled played by these unusual people, it’s especially weird to see the Achievement Hunter squad playing something outside of their traditional domain. I didn’t expect much when I saw “Let’s Play - WWE 13”, especially since I stopped watching Wrestling after the attitude era. However the watching the entrances for each of their characters I had to stop the video, I couldn’t breathe because I was laughing too much.

3. Rage Quit: Slender

Part 1

Part 2

Each of the members of the Achievement Hunter staff has something that stands out about them. Whether it’s Ray’s obsession with roses or Ryan’s love of animals, each one of them bring something new to Achievement Hunter. However Michael Jones anger and Gavin Free’s desire for calamity definitely stand out as my favorite. Putting these two together to play Slender, picturing Michael carrying Gavin on his shoulders, was unbelievably funny. Seeing Gavin and Michael argue and scream in fear from both The Slender Man and each other made me watch this video multiple times. 

2. Vs

Although a new series to Achievement Hunter the Vs episodes also surround on competitive matches for a prestigious item, in this case a plastic WWE Championship Belt. The greatest lure, for me, is not only the matches between the contestants or the commentary, but is what game the challenger will pick. Vs Episode 7 - Ray vs. Gavin was truly shocking as Gavin choose to take Ray on in his signature game. The only way this video could've been better, other than seeing Gavin’s tenacity in this doomed fight, if Geoff won his bet.

1. Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 47 - Enchantment Level 30

Out of all the Let’s Plays, Let’s Builds, Vs, Rage Quits, Horse and Pig challenges, and the Behind the Scenes videos I choose Minecraft Episode 47 as my favorite Achievement Hunter video. Seeing Gavin’s trophy room in the first 5 minutes of that video made me laugh harder than any other video uploaded by Achievement Hunter. However the fun didn’t end there as Geoff decided to alleviate the boredom of being a moderator by messing with his employees as they attempted to win The Tower of Pimps by de-mining, placing dirt blocks and unexpectedly giving birth to the underground chicken. It was simply amazing.

The team at Achievement Hunter dishes out incredible content weekly and I’m sure that someone has a completely different top five list than my own. It was an ordeal to pick out five videos that I found to be the best of them all and by tomorrow I’m probably going to change my mind. For now these are my top five.

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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