Will GTA V Ever Come To PC

This article will help you make up your own mind whether GTA V will ever come to PC or not

By SelwynL, Posted 21 Mar 2014

This article is to show evidence for and against GTA V being released on the PC market, to allow you to make up your own minds if it will, or will not, as no-one truly knows apart from Rockstar games!


First of all if we look back at other GTA games and other titles by Rockstar (like the Red Dead Redemptions) we can gather some information. All of the previous GTA's have been released on the PC and not only that but PC gamers had to wait a whole year between consoles GTA IV and PCs GTA V, so maybe the same thing is happening again with GTA V. However the Red Dead Redemptions never came to PC, and it wasn't like they weren't going to sell, so Rockstar could simpily want to work on GTA 6 instead. Looking back at the other GTA games it is hard to imagine why they wouldn't want to develop the game onto PC - its mother console.

The next thing you need to know to make your own judgement is the information leaked by retailers such as Amazon and GamesOnly. From a look at the map to pre-order lists of copies of the game,  Amazon France was the first to be noticed at the start of the year, by taking orders for a boxed PC copy, followed in May by Amazon Germany and GamesOnly taking pre-orders for their PC versions. But does this mean GTA V will come out to PC? Not entirely. Lots of retailing giants prefer to anticipate and prepare for big games coming out, instead of responding at the last minute - as they might lose customers to another shop. But yes retailers will only forewarn gamers if they have good reason to believe the game will be realeased sooner or later. At the moment Amazon UK has a page for GTA V PC, unknown to many this site collects emails of interested customers so when the time comes they can email those customers straight away, again they would only bother to do this if they believed the game would come.

Another piece of evidence supporting GTA V coming to PC is a part of game code found by someone while pirating the Xbox 360 version of the game

the higlighted yellow parts of the code show PC code. This part of the code was found in the PasteBin so was clearly not fully needed for the game to run, making us think that this could possibly be used for the PC copy. Although this looks obvious our facts are based solely on the idea that the game was built from scratch, which it most likely wasn't. In addition most games are made or developed on PC which is why this game code would of been put in the PasteBin after use. But never the less it's still a valid discovery.

The petition for Rockstar to realease GTA V is now higher than 680,000 signatories, and more evidence for game is emerging rapidly, a 150 page bug log with lots of references to a "PC version " has been found and many believe this is the icing on the cake. Many rumors were flying around stating that GTA V PC versions release date was March 12th, after Nuveem (Brazilian digital retailer) stated that it was "confirmed" and its "scheduled for March on PC, if i'm not mistaken for the 12th" and a Amazon representative also stated the same date for release during a customer service chat.They were obviously wrong as its the 21st of March and still no news of GTA V PC edition! But still after all this evidence found why haven't Rockstar said anything? And if they were going to release it why wouldnt they have already? As all they are doing is losing customers, these questions we still do not know the answers to. Some fear the worst and believe that Rockstar are just simply not owning up to the fact that they are not making a GTA V version for the PC. 

If you want to help get GTA V on the PC sign up for this petition via this link.

If you want to find out loads more information about the GTA V coming to PC you can watch these youtube videos.

I hope this article helped you make up your own mind whether GTA V will come to PC or not, and even better would be if you put your own ideas out into the community by signing the petition or by writing to Rockstar games or even looking into it a bit more to show your interest. sadly though, at the moment we will have to wait and see what happens!

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