The experience of the casino goers is going to change for good. GameCo, the leading game developer has recently come up with its first proprietary arcade-style gaming consoles in Caesars casinos in Atlantic City in October 2016. This is the world’s first Video Game Gambling Machines or VGM™ that supports the player’s skill with patented game designs. While the game, Danger Arena, ensures same return to players as traditional slot machines, it has revolutionized the casino going experience with this truly futuristic gaming console. This also compels online gamers to return to conventional casinos.

Blaine Graboyes, CEO of GameCo recently had a conversation with author of American Casino Guide, Steve Bourie on the unique features of this gaming console. The gaming carousel has three units placed back-to-back but they are single player units and therefore not interconnected. In this Class III Gaming Device only the player’s gaming skill determines the payout. In this game 10,000 routes have been included and a powerful character-oriented storyline has been developed that truly excites present-day gamers.

Danger Arena, Tips, Tricks

Like any other gaming machines one can start with a ticket that loads the amount one wish to start with. The payout table is clearly displayed on the top half of the carousel and the first time player can quickly go through the short video introducing the characters, Baz, Thyme and their dog, Pepper. Then there is a Level 0 tutorial that briefs the gamers on the rules and this definitely makes the lives much easier for them. It also tells how to use the controller and at the same time calibrates the controller to check out that everything is working perfectly.

Graboyes, hopes that this gaming console will be instrumental in “attracting gamers to the casino floor…” These VGMs are considered to be the result of natural evolution of slot machine. The game is purely skill based but, just like Blackjack, a great gamer can face a game that would be hard to win. Selection of the ‘route’ (the path the machine would throw to the gamers to destroy robots and earn points) is completely random and every player will have equal chance to kill the ‘Danger Bots’. The gamer starts earning by destroying 6 or more robots. By eliminating 10 bots you become eligible for the top payout.

VGMs are already capturing the US market and other regions where physical casinos are popular. They are, however, banned from Arab-Muslim countries such as Kuwait and the UAE, where there are no legal gambling opportunities and gamers who want to enjoy the roulette table or a slot machine must seek online gambling option in websites such as and others. If ever these playing consoles are installed in Kuwait or the UAE, it will surely attract huge appreciation and patronage from the players. Since these VGMs are skill based, like any other enthralling ‘non-gambling’ video games, they can be established in the country for recreational purpose only and not for placing bets or gambling. For the time being, the gamers and casino enthusiasts of Arab Gulf countries will have to wait for their travel to countries where gambling is legal and physical casinos are widely available like Las Vegas in the USA or UK towns.

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