Top MW3 YouTube Commentators

Not necessarily the best, but certainly our favourite Call of Duty commentators on YouTube.

By fishdalf, Posted 29 Apr 2012

Hello NoobFeeders and welcome to another Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 feature – this time focusing on not necessarily the best, but certainly my favourite Call of Duty commentators on YouTube. There are literally thousands of users all trying to get your attention over there and it’s hard to know what ones are worth watching and what ones are a total waste of your time – this is where I come in. I’ve compiled a list of those who are not only entertaining to watch, but also compelling to listen to, and if you subscribe and stick with these guys you’ll be glad you got to know them.

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Chris Smoove

We start with the one and only Chris Smoove who is definitely the Marmite of the group, meaning you’ll either love him or hate him. He talks a big game and does so in his signature slick style, taking down noobs and doing so with an unrivalled swagger. He also makes comedic use of an auto-tune that intermits throughout his videos, as well as laying down some pretty nice lyrics. He may not suit everyone’s taste, but I urge you to at least give one or two of his videos a chance as he’s not as pompous as he first seems and the majority of what he says and does is done tongue-in-cheek.

The Numbers in My YouTube Name


If you’re looking for genuinely helpful tips and tricks that are explained clearly and with demonstrations to back them up then look no further than tmartn. The video below is a perfect example of how he digs beneath the surface to provide you with information that very few are willing to unearth due to the sheer monotony of the process. He’s also a very able commentator who definitely has a voice for radio and an infectious personality to boot. Be sure to also check out his Jumps and Spots feature for each map as they’re very insightful and sure to improve your game.

Weapons That Don’t Need Kick


This guy is who I would describe as the perfect all-rounder and I’d personally choose to have him on my team each and every time I played if I had the choice. His game skills are tight and he really has an understanding of what is going on around him and how to manipulate the enemy. He has recently started a feature called Class in Session where he gets right down into explaining how enemy spawns work and using that to your advantage, which is something each and every Call of Duty player needs an understanding of if they’re going to truly take their play to the next level.

Class in Session: Arkaden Spawns


One of the people that inspired the composing of this list was Woody, who has been at this a long time and just took the leap into making YouTube videos as his one and only career. He currently has over one-thousand videos, and while all of them may not contain the impressive gameplay of others out there he puts a personal touch to each and every one of his videos, and you can really tell he puts is heart and soul into what he does. A particular highlight of his channel are his live streams where he hosts open lobbies for his subscribers to join in on some pretty crazy game battles.

Loving Life Lately


We finish with an Australian commentator who is a really nice guy and someone who deserves more subscribers than he currently has. Not only does he possess the skills to rack up MOAB after MOAB, but he also plays in a different style to anything I’ve seen before and a lot closer to how I personally approach each game I play. This for me is invaluable as the key to improving your own game is by watching those of a similar nature who are just that little bit better and using that as a base to improve upon. If you like his stuff subscribe and give him the exposure he deserves.

Flawless PM-9 MOAB

That’s it for another Modern Warfare 3 feature. I hope you take the time to watch some of these videos and learn a little something from them, as not only have they helped my game come on in leaps and bounds, but they’ve also kept me thoroughly entertained for many a late night in work. Thanks for reading and watching, and hopefully I’ll be uploading some of my gameplay videos directly to the site and our YouTube channel in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Craig Bryan, NoobFeed

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