During The Stench of Treachery Eivor must discover who betrayed Soma. You must pick from Birna, Lif, and Galinn. Here's the right answer.

First off is locating the ship. It's close to where you find Galinn being attacked by wolves. Just head across the river to the next island and you'll see it, you can use the map below to find it. This is the damning piece of evidence in the cast.

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Lif was working on ships and recalls losing yellow paint so it's not him. Birna was in the longhouse eating so she also could've led the attack or sailed away. Galinn was not present during the fight, was close to the ship used by the Saxons, and was the only one no one could find. The ship contains a poem referencing Galinn, he's the traitor.

Successfully killing the Traitor will cement your alliance with Soma and gain Birna as a ship ally. If you don't she'll lose faith in Eivor.

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