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Find out who betrayed Rollo

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 Dec 2020

Rollo is determined to find out her betrayed his community, with Lork and Gerhild being the prime suspects. Here's who betrayed Rollo.

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Lork is unlikely due to him running from the fight and hiding in the bushes. Gerhild is shown to be jealous of Rollow bedding a Saxon and due to Rollo's testimony that she's a terrible hunter makes it unlikely she was hunting. She'll say she was seeing someone but the only people around are Saxons, which she hates.

Gerhild is the traitor. Choosing her will mean that Estrid will live to see her home with Lork sacrificing himself to save her. If you choose Lork Gerhild will take Estrid hostage during the finale.

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