Nier Replicant Ver1.22 Forest of Myth Walkthrough

Forest of Myth riddles

By Grayshadow, Posted 28 Apr 2021

NieR Replicant's Forest of Myth isn't like other areas. Instead of using your blade, you'll need your wit to survive here, or use this guide. Here's the solution to the riddles.

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When you first enter the Forest of Myth, speak to the mayor. You’ll be faced with your first riddle:

One with it is lacking. Two with it is ideal.
Three with it is dangerous. What is it?

Choose “The answer is … a secret” as your 1st answer.

Riddle 2:

I enter through the window, but break no glass.
When night falls, I vanish. What am I?

Choose “Sunlight!”

Final Riddle:

I have four legs in the morning and two at noon, but end the night with three. What am I?

Choose “A man” for your final answer.

As a reward, you’ll receive the Dark Execution Sealed Verse.

After the mayor, you can choose to save the other villagers. You'll need to do this to get the true ending.

Villager 1 is on the left side of the map. The solution to the labyrinth is:

“… and proceed north”

“… and proceed east”

“… and proceed north”

“… and proceed east”

“… and proceed north.”

The 2nd Villager is on the right side of the map. The answer to the problem is "The real one is Beta".

Saving both villagers will get you the Faith weapon. Speak to the mayor to receive your reward.


When returning to the Forest of Myth when as an adult the answers for the new set of riddles are not set. Instead, the answers are the eye color of the boy and how many were killed by the red-eye beast.

Just make sure you read and keep track of that information, the death count is easy since the numbers are shown and not written. The final answer does not matter since they're all the same.

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