Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 8 - A Journey's End? Predictions

What will happen in Minecraft: Story Mode's finale?

By Grayshadow, Posted 05 Aug 2016

The final episode of Minecraft: Story Mode is almost here. After a myriad of adventures ranging from stopping a giant Netherstorm to exploring new worlds Jesse has accomplished a lot, not bad for a fan from a building convention. But what will happen next, well that’s what we are here for.

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Destruction of the Portal Hallway

The final episode called A Journey’s End has Jesse and his friends rushing through a portal, which we can assume is his home world. From what we saw in the last episode traveling through dimensions is dangerous, not for the person heading into the world but what could come out. PAMA was a prime example of how a dimensional threat could pose a danger to the rise of these universes. While Jesse and his friends have helped these worlds having something like PAMA venture into other worlds is too big of a risk. 

As we saw in the beginning of episode 7 other people, or even monsters, can venture into these worlds. All they would need a special Flint and Steel and one portal. Episode 7 even showed that interdimensional portals can be built, granted it took the knowledge of an Old Builder to construct one but knowing that these things can be constructed would add to the fear of dangerous threats traveling to other worlds. This coupled with Jesse and his friends running into a portal leads me to hypothesize that the Portal Hallway will be destroyed at the end.

The title supports this theory, “A Journey’s End?”. This sounds conclusive as if their journeys to the unknown have finished. As we saw in episode 5 Jesse the new Order of the Stone had grown tired of their world since they’ve accomplished everything there. While Petra displays growing anxiety of hoping from one portal to another without these dimensional devices in their lives the adventures would stop. 

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Origins of the Old Builder 

The Old Builders have proven to have destructive people. In our first encounter with an Old Builder, Cassie Rose, she manipulated the people in episode 6’s world to find the ‘Flint and Steel’ and proceeded to kill them in a haunted mansion. In episode 7, another Old Builder, Harper constructed PAMA; a computer who robbed everyone and every monster of their free will due to its own misunderstanding of its programming. Its intent was to travel to other worlds to do the same. As a side note Cassie Rose did mention something about ‘going home’ which means that the Old Builders, if she is one, had a home but how did she get trap in that world? More importantly if Harper could build a portal why couldn’t she? Clearly Harper had to use the Portal Hallway, since she used the Redstone Heart which was required to navigate the Portal Hallway, to obtain a power source for PAMA.

It seems that these Old Builders had a complicated society, but structure never the less. Harper responded to the name when asked which means she knows that they have an order, and that means other members.

After two episodes starring Old Builders my question is this, who are they and why build portals into other worlds? Why populate them with one key? A lot of questions are left unanswered and only an Old Builder can answer them. Plus during the final act of episode 7 Harper tells Jesse to ask for the Atlas to locate the portal home. Who are we asking exactly? I really hope it's not another computer.

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Return of Cassie Rose

During the final part of episode 7 Harper says that they need to track down the rest of the Old Builders. This means if Cassie Rose is one of them then they have to go back to that world and rescue her from that pit. Sounds a bit unsettling seeing that she seems unhinged, murdering people with ease. I doubt she'll be happy to see Jessie, especially for not leaving her cat with her. 

What are your predictions for Minecraft: Story Modes finale? Let us know in the comments below!

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