Where to find all 14 Captain Toads in Super Mario Odyssey

Captain Toads are everywhere in Super Mario Odyssey, here's where they are located

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Oct 2017

Super Mario Odyssey has a lot of varied locations from underwater resorts to giant open deserts to explore. While Mario is looking for Power Moons and trying to save Peach from Bowser, once again, some residents of the Mushroom Kingdom are looking to explore the sights. That's what Captain Toad is doing and you can find him hiding in various places within Super Mario Odyssey. Here's where you can find this explorer.

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Cap Kingdom

All the way up the Top-Hat Tower you'll find this adventurer. Either warp up or make your way through the frog section.

Cascade Kingdom 

Defeat the giant bunny boss and head back to the same area. He's on the left-hand side. Drop down to the platform with the metal block, walk over to the left, and drop down again with Captain Toad starring at 2 familiar faces.

Sand Kingdom

Head to the Oasis where Lakitu is fishing. Possess him and float to the right with the cactuses, cast out your fishing rod and wait for the biggest fish silhouette to grab on. When the Joy-Con rumbles strongly pull up and find Captain Toad.

Lake Kingdom 

Head to the Water Plaza and toward the circular pool that has a mermaid lying on its side. Dive in an possess a Cheep Cheep and head down towards the bottom. Captain Toad is in his little glass pod.

Wooded Kingdom

Defeat the bosses and warp back to the Secret Flower Field Entrance, turn 180 degrees, run down to the P button near the kettle robot on the opposite end, then climb up the timed platforms to reach the Observation Deck. Posses the flying lizard and position him at the end of the jetty to see Captain Toad. Fly towards him.

Lost Kingdom

Head past the rotating pillars and posses one of the extendable caterpillars. Head through the stumps and suspend in the poison and work your way towards the one at the very back at the right behind the tree. Extend your way around the back to see a small square cut-out in the green wall and crawl in to find the explorer.

Metro Kingdom

Head behind Town Hall where Pauline and all the musicians were gathered or warp to the New Donk City Hall Plaza. Run around the building to the left and there's a load of boxes piled up that you can smash. Head through the opening towards a long walkway of metal blocks leading into the air and at the end is Captain Toad.

Snow Kingdom

Beat the boss and head to the upper section that was previously closed off. Head to the very edge of the map and run along the wall to find a snow wall recessed in. Throw Cappy into it to reveal Captain Toad.

Seaside Kingdom

Possess an Octopus inside a water globule and propel yourself upwards across the 3 platforms behind the Odyssey. Stop at the one with the small pool of water to recharge yourself and fly directly upwards. Go left across one of the grassy outcroppings, up again, then follow the cliff around to the left. You'll find Captain Toad by his tent.

Luncheon Kingomd

When heading to the peak in the story you'll get to a section called "Cockatiel Showdown" and you'll have to navigate a series of platforms to start climbing again. Captain Toad is on one of these in the distance.

Head up the side of the mountain to find some firey friends to possess. Get one and head back down to the lava and blast your way to Captain Toad.

Bowser Kingdom

Run around the Outer Wall section of Bowser's Kingdom pas the block smashing guy then the green wall to the right-hand side. Go over the rooftop and there's a small hidden corner next to the coins and heart. Head inside and there's another small section of roof tiles here Captain Toad is hiding in this area.

Moon Kingdom

Warp to the Odyssey once you completed the main story, turn around, and head towards a group of characters around the edge of a cliff. Head to the other side of the small wall to their left and behind it is Captain Toad.

Mushroom Kingdom

First, find Yoshi on top of the Castle and head back to the Odyssey. Head to the shop and run behind to find the large toadstool. Jump on it as Yoshi and use his flutter ability to float over to the roof of the shop where Captain Toad is.

Dark Side of the Moon

Defeat the 4 Broodal bosses and wind your way up the side of the big space rock carrot. Before you head inside the door to the 5th level head to the right towards a hidden section. Captain Toad is hiding in this area.

Super Mario Odyssey is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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