Downloadable games from Nintendo more than double this year

Nintendo's eShop is a massive success

By Grayshadow, Posted 25 Apr 2013

Nintendo may have performed less than expected but Nintendo’s download service is a massive success. According to Nintendo president, Satoru Iawata, the company’s downloadable games have surpassed ¥16 billion or $160.9 million, more than double of the pervious year. According to the data the Wii and Nintendo DSi were actively being used online and according to Nintendo explained that games like Animal Crossing: New Leaf benfited with increased sales due to inclusion of a downloadable version, since retail versions required special effort to construct due to a unique memory. It’s clear that Nintendo wants their digital services to become more notorious, especially the Point of Sale Activation (POSA) cards, by making them aware to the public by increasing the amount of retailers that sell and advertise their products.  

According to Iwata a large amount of Nintendo customers have taken their 3DS and Wii U online. This includes 87% in Japan, 83 percent in America and Europe, being the lowest, at 57%. The Wii U has a connection rate of 80% worldwide.

What was truly surprising is how popular Nintendo Direct had become on the eShop. Iwata stated that “"it became common to see total views for a single video reach five hundred to six hundred thousand in a matter of about 10 days on the Nintendo eShop while they did not show apparent growth on YouTube” and that Nintendo Direct accounted for about “60 to 70 percent” of the total views. This is strange since Youtube has become a popular and notorious viewing site but Iwata noted that the eShop appealed to viewers” who do not own their own PCs or smart devices” which would make the figures a lot more believable. 

Source: Nintendo

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