Sonic Forces Confirmed as New Sonic Game, Leaked Gameplay Footage

New Sonic game confirmed as Sonic Forces, gameplay footage leaked

By Grayshadow, Posted 17 Mar 2017

The teased Sonic Project has been confirmed to be called Sonic Forces.

Sonic Forces,NoobFeed,

A new gameplay footage was leaked by TheRealSonicFan on YouTube showcasing gameplay of the modern Sonic within the same environment teased in the first trailer. In addition, Sonic Mania was delayed until Summer. Good news and bad news, well at least it's all good Sonic news.

Announced on July 22, 2016, as Project Sonic 2017 Sonic Forces will return the Modern and Classic Sonic format that debuted in Sonic Generations.

It will run on a brand-new engine called The Hedgehog Engine 2 and is still due out later this year. The name is a reference to the battle between the forces of good and evil.

Source: YouTube

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