Danger Zone Is Burnout Reincarneted

Crash mode is back.

By TAYLOS, Posted 27 Apr 2017

The Burnout franchise by Electronic Arts is something to be remembered. There was never a better feeling than taking out your frustrations by ramming other cars off the road while laughing manically in the comfort of your own home. Well, maybe that was just me. Nevertheless, we found out today that the creators responsible for the series (Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry) have formed their own studio, Three Fields Entertainment (who created Dangerous Golf and the original Burnout games) and have announced that they’re making Danger Zone *cues Top Gun music*. Okay, but seriously folks, this may be the only chance we get at seeing another Burnout-ish game, so let’s drive into the details.

From what we know, it looks as though Danger Zone is not an actual sequel to Burnout, but has taken elements from the original series and made this into a spiritual successor. The concept is quite simple: smash into things, thus creating a chain reaction that causes all sorts of chaos. Sound familiar? Danger Zone is a game that puts a Crash Test driver behind the wheel and are tested to survive different crash scenarios. There are also Bonus Pickups that will allow for even larger explosions and chaos.

Check out screenshots from the game:

The game is powered by Unreal Engine and it aims to take the essence of what made the original Burnout games so unique and introduce it to a whole new generation of players. The game features a Single Player mode that will included 20 unique crash testing scenarios. The idea here is for players to shunt their vehicles into oncoming traffic, taking down gas tankers to initiate an explosive “SmashBreaker” to move your vehicle around, causing more destruction. There are also Connected Leaderboards, allowing you to compare your score to your friends and people around the world.

Now, as cool as that sounds, it leaves you wondering, “where’s multiplayer?” At a price point of $12.99, there shouldn’t be much room for complaints. The official release date is set for May 2017 and Danger Zone will be available for digital download on the PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

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