Destiny 2 Will Be Available On PC Only Through

A new gameplay trailer for Destiny 2 also popped up with the announcement.

By Woozie, Posted 18 May 2017

The first Destiny might have not made it on PC, but we've known for a while its sequel will. In news that will, most likely, surprise a good amount of people, Destiny 2 will be avaliable on PC exclusively through Blizzard's app is known for being the hub for the company's titles. Given Blizzard's relationship with Activision, Destiny 2's arrival on the platform might not be as outlandish as it first seems. Regardless, it will be the first non-Blizzard title to hit the platform.

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Blizzard have stated that they have no intention of bringing other third-party titles to (aside from other Activision games, maybe). An interesting detail is the ability to purchase Destiny 2 with balance, which makes it so that people who're rich in World of Warcraft basically get Destiny 2 for free (I hate all of you.). Destiny 2 will benefit from many of the same facilities as the other titles on Blizzard's platform do. It is worth noting, that Blizzard will only handle login and social functionality.

You'll find more on this in Blizzard's integral statement. Head on to the following link for the new Destiny 2 gameplay trailer that features explosions and shiny things. While you're here, you might want to also take a look at our reviews for Destiny, Destiny: The Taken King and Destiny: Rise of Iron.

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