Pyre Gets July Release Date

Supergiant Games' next project is also available for pre-order.

By Woozie, Posted 30 May 2017

We've known Pyre was in the works for a while now, however, as of yesterday we have some further details on the title, including a release date. Supergiant Games' next project will take to party-based RPG seas. Following the departure route, the combat will be a 3v3 showdown that requires you to extinguish the enemy's signal flame before they get yours. These battles will also be available to play locally against a friend. 

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Pyre's story will have no game-over. Thus, defeat will not mean the end of the player's story. This choice was made keeping in mind the desire to avoid potential frustration behind repeated deaths but also the notion of crafting a story that ends up being very personal to each player. Pyre is set to release on July 25th, 2017 on PC and PS4. There are no plans of release on other platforms at the moment. The title will also be available only in English, due to the dynamic nature of the narrative. The game is available for preorder for the discounted price of 17,99or your regional equivalent. Have a look at this Pyre FAQ the developer put together.

In case you're not familiar with Supergiant Games' previous work, give our Bastion Review and Transistor Review a read.

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