Little Nightmares Receives Season Pass

Little Nightmares - Secrets Of The Maw will be a three part expansion with a new protagonist.

By Woozie, Posted 08 Jun 2017

The grotesque figures I had to evade in Little Nightmares still haunt me to this day and by the looks of it, more are coming. Little Nightmares - Secrets Of The Maw is the name of the title's season pass . Featuring a new protagonist, The Runaway Kid, it will add three chapters to a story that runs parallel to Six's. The first chapter, The Depths, will be out in July pitting The Runaway Kid against an underwater threat in the Maw's sewers.

Little Nightmares - Secrets Of The Maw, Image, News

The Hideaway will be available sometime in November. This will be a machine-focused environment where the Nomes reside. The third chapter is set to release in January 2018. Little Nightmares - Secrets Of The Maw is available for purchase now, on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, for the price of 9,99€ or your regional equivalent. Purchasing it will give access to the new chapters as they are released.

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