Build Viking Settlements And Punch Wolves In Northgard

Shiro Games' latest project, Northgard, is currently in Early Access.

By Woozie, Posted 03 Jul 2017

For the past months, Shiro Games (developers of the Evoland series) have been working away at Northgard, their current Early Access title. Leaving pixel art RPGs behind, Northgard is a strategy game where players take control of a Viking tribe that's attempting to settle a new continent. In order to be succesful in doing so, players will have to build bases, assign jobs to settlers and punch wolves alongside a wide array of other things. The developers have in mind three main areas to focus on during Early Access: the addition of new factions, a story driven campaign and a multiplayer mode.

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Having been in Early Access since late February of this year, the most recent patches have added multiplayer (supporting 2v2, 3v3, 2v2v2, free for all and AI matches) alongside stuff like player profiles, different map highlights and UI changes (such as victory condition tracking). Northgard is slightly cheaper while in Early Access and benefits from a 15% discount as part of the Steam Sale. This means that if you're super quick, you can get it for 16,99€ or your regional equivalent. Here's the Northgard Steam page.

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