Dawn Of War III Gets New Cosmetic Content

A new map is also on the way in this month's Dawn Of War III update.

By Woozie, Posted 12 Jul 2017

Dawn Of War III will receive a handful of new cosmetic content alongside a new map later this month. Firstly, a set of profile portraits and Elite skins can be obtained after completing certain campaign missions. Those who've already completed the campaign will obtain them starting the game up. Aside from these skins, the mastery skin for Imperial Knight Solaria is getting a rework. Furthermore, eight skins are being added that allow Elites to sport Army Painter colors. Helmeted versions of Elite units will also join the fray, in order to feel more appropriate when playing as different chapters, tribes or craftworlds.

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A new map that goes by the name Manufactorum will be added. it is playable across all modes in both 2v2 and 3v3. Lastly, a set of UI changes will hit live servers, primarily concerning the Campaign screen and doctrine information. The update will arrive on July 20th. Have a look at the full post on the game's website.

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