Quake Champions Heading To Early Access

The Early Access version of Quake Champions will go live in five days time.

By Woozie, Posted 17 Aug 2017

Quake Champions has been around for a while and it's now heading over to Early Access on Steam and the Bethesda Launcher. Starting August 22nd, this will mark the addition of a new hero, the DOOM Slayer, alongside a host of other things. In order to gain access to the Early Access version of Quake Champions, you'll have to purchase the Champions Pack. Priced at $29.99 or your regional equivalent (where the full game will cost $39.99), the pack will grant access to all current champions, of which there are currently 11, and any others that may come in the future. An exclusive Early Access skin for Ranger (only available to pack owners during Early Access) alongside three reliquaries (loot boxes) are also part of the deal.

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The free-to-play version for Quake Champions will launch at a later date. Those who've redeemed closed beta keys will be able to continue playing, right away, on the same servers as Champion Pack owners, however, they'll only be able to do so through the Bethesda Launcher. They will also have the option to upgrade to the Champions Pack or buy champions at any time. As for the DOOM Slayer, his passive ability allows him to double jump while his active ability, Berserk, lets him punch stuff so hard it explodes. The Early Access version of Quake Champions will launch with two new maps and a bunch of other things you can check out by reading the official announcement.

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