New Update for Pit People Adds New Content and Changes

Balances, new content, and much more now available for Pit People

By Grayshadow, Posted 29 Sep 2017

Pit People just got a new update that adds new content, makes getting into online matches faster, and much more. If you were looking for a reason to start playing again, here's your chance.

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All player characters receive a flat damage (in the cupcake’s case, healing) per level bonus. This change should feel more noticeable than before, and higher level player characters should feel more valuable than ever.

All enemies have been counter-balanced to better compensate for leveling changes. Please leave us feedback regarding difficulty level!

Permadeath is now an available option to players only when creating a new save. The choice will be irreversible for that save until that save is deleted. If any character (story character or not) on your team is killed beyond the first 3 intro levels, they are dead forever and cannot be brought back. Resurrection potions are disabled for permadeath players. Story cannot be continued if you have lost a required story character (unless you invite anyone who has that story character). The save is destroyed and immediately ends for any permadeath player that has no characters left in their house at all. If you run out and still have characters recruited below, those characters will be brought on to your active team and you may continue. Players who are non-permadeath will be allowed to play with players who are permadeath. Permadeath extends to all modes, including PVP and unfair challenge. You can spot permadeath players with the badge next to their name. Currently, permadeath does not grant bonus rewards nor does it have achievements associated. It is primarily designed for the desired pressure. Achievements are planned on being introduced later, reward boosts are not. Insane difficulty and standard difficulty are freely toggled just like always.

Players can now play the introduction in online co-op. If one player has further progression in the introduction, the other player will join them at that spot.

Streamer Options added. Stream-friendly music can be toggled in place of any music that may not be. Subtitle toggle option cloned into this section for convenience.

PVP still normalizes levels after looking at each level of all fighters. The flat damage per level that is added will be applied to all characters fighting according to whatever level they’ve been normalized at. If you notice power shifts in your character from match to match, this is intended and directly due to temporary recruit level normalization. TL;DR: Sometimes everyone is level 9 if recruits average out to that, or sometimes everyone is level 74 if most recruits average out to that. That’s why you may notice your damage fluctuating between matches in PVP.

PVP maximum turn timer has been reduced to 45 seconds.

Increased bet time for spectator.

How to Play section now accessible from Survival Guide

Balance changes to fighters and equipment:

Cyclops, health

Hair Troll, defense, health, regen, crit chance

Spidaur, health, defense, resistances

Vampiress, health, damage, bonus damage, leech amount

Gnome, health, resistances

Cupcake, heal amount

Kobold, damage, block chance

Pixie, damage

Zombie, damage

Electrobot, chain-damage, stun chances

Wraith, health, debuff numbers

Mascot, resistances

Rainbow Horse, damage

Light Sword, damage

Medium Sword, damage

Heavy Sword, damage

Mallet, damage

Light bow, damage, accuracy

Medium bow, damage, accuracy

Mortar, damage, accuracy

Throwing Axe, damage, stun chance, critical chance

Totally Unsafe bow, damage

NRG-M0, damage

NRG-B0, damage, number of attacks

Pineapple, Baby Shark, M80s, What Did You Say, damage, crit chance,

Safety First Sword, damage, explosion chance

Safety Last Sword, damage

Sun Sword, damage

Pirate’s Rapier, removed from market

Helmetite Sword, tradeoff changed

Birch Blade, tradeoff changed

Dentures, tradeoff changed

Chess Club, Max count brought down by 1

Bright Ideas, elemental effect added

Double Uzis, damage

Crispotron 5000, damage, accuracy

Baseball, item-specific stun chance removed

All thrown items gain small stun chance

Tesla Special, weight, explosion chance

Golden Blast, no longer sharp projectile vs. Vampiress


Post-game Screen added for any concluded Unfair or PVP battles.

Obituary Screen for lost Permadeath fighters

New fighter names added

New unlocks (weapons, helmets, shields, creature stuff) added

New encounter maps added for both PVP and worldmap. Some existing ones adjusted

Audio added for Emissary when completing tasks.

Turn-phase animation tweaked



Added support for mouse interactions with survival guide

Added support for using mouse click to activate ghost partner team in house

Added support for using mouse click for sell, give/trade, and scroll items in house

Fixed bugs with scrolling menus

Improved recognizing Steam controller

A few more button prompts were added in house

Save Steamer-Friendly music setting.

Discovered gold and bonus gold are shown separately when returning to city

In some multi-part battles, stats for enemy fighters carry over to the last battle’s results

Fixed some bugs related to tentacle animations in Chog battle

Fixed bugs related to losing items when dying

Fixed bugs when equipping items in the house

Improved AI pathing toward multi-hex targetable units

Save slots can be selected and deleted even if you can’t choose them to join the current game

Client wagon stops when accepting a quest

Fixed bugs related to trading fighters equipped with throwing axes

Gifting a fighter from the spoils list gives 85 gold for equipment when recipient has max count

Fixed various bugs related to trading

When accepting a quest if one player makes a choice and the other waits for the timer to expire, the first player’s choice is used rather than auto-choosing “no”

Fixed bug when displaying low healing numbers

Added a filter to remove special characters from player names and chat messages

Camera zoom isn’t overridden as often in battles

Allow comm icons when playing with a ghost partner team

Terrain resistances are considered when showing target icons in battle

In trade-only mode, improved trading fighters with equipment at max count

When giving or trading a fighter, player is told when some equipment cannot be given

Show ghost partner team prompt when a single player is on the right side of the house

Pit People is now available for PC.

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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