Everspace - Encounters Expansion Announced

Everspace gets a new ship, weapons, consumables and more.

By Woozie, Posted 05 Oct 2017

If you happen to be looking for some space adventuring, you might want to know that Everspace is set to receive its first expansion soon. Everspace - Encounters is said to add over 10 hours of gameplay to the core game. More specifically, we're looking at a new medium fighter class ship, the Colonial Sentinel, whose shield is twice as strong as the standard model. Alongside it, new weapons, consumables and usable devices will be added with the expansion.

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On top of that, factory space stations will allow players to convert or refine resources, upgrade their ships or do minor repair jobs. Everspace - Encounters will also allow players to visit the Okkar homeworld while adding a handful of new story characters, each with their own individual quest lines. PC players will receive the expansion at the end of October while Xbox One users will have to wait until early February 2018. The Xbox version of the expansion will also come with a free update that will bring 4k support and improved 1080p graphics for the Xbox One X. The delay for the Xbox version is justified by the project being moved to UE 4.17 to support the Xbox One X.

Have a look at our Everspace Review for thoughts on the main game.

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