Microsoft Discontinues Xbox One Kinect Adapter

The Kinect 2.0 is dead

By Grayshadow, Posted 03 Jan 2018

When the Xbox One first debuted the biggest target for criticism was the bundled Kinect. Many argued that playing $100 more for a device that should be optional was outrageous. Ultimately Microsoft offered a $100 cheaper Xbox One bundle without the Kinect and eventually, the device fell into obscurity. Now Microsoft has hammered the last nail in the Kinect coffin, discontinuing the adaptor.

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The Kinect 2.0 adapter was provided for free to any user who upgraded from the base Xbox One to the Xbox One S, which lacked a dedicated Kinect port. Gamers needed to send both consoles' serial codes to Microsoft to get the adaptor or purchase one for $39.99.

The company stopped this promotion last year, around the same time they confirmed Kinect production has stopped. Now the adapter cannot be purchased at all. It's no longer on the official Microsoft store or other retailers.

Microsoft confirmed that production on the adapter has ended. There aren't many Kinect games now and those that remain have either been patched to work with conventional controls. Those that still require a Kinect to play will need an adaptor for modern Xbox One consoles. This isn't surprising seeing that the Xbox One dashboard has not supported Kinect controls since 2016 for anything other than voice commands.

Considering the massive backlash of the Kinect 2.0 and the lack of support over several months this was expected.

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