Viking City-Builder Northgard Has Left Early Access

Northgard's story campaign is now playable.

By Woozie, Posted 08 Mar 2018

After a year of Early Access, Shiro Games' viking city-builder/strategy game Northgard, has finally made the transition to full version. The most notable of additions is the 11 chapter campaign, Rig's Saga. The campaign will follow Rig, son of the Viking High King, as he seeks vengeance against those who murdered his father.

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Another important addition in this latest update are Supply Lines. In order to discourage rush tactics, military units will have their power decreased based on how far they are from friendly territory. Have a look at the full announcement. Northgard is now available on PC for the discounted price of 20,99€ or your regional equivalent. The discount lasts until March 14th.

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