PAX Aus 2018 Teams Up with EB Games Expo

Enjoy the best of 2 conventions in one place

By Grayshadow, Posted 14 Mar 2018

It has been confirmed that PAX Aus and EB Expo have partnered up for one large event this October.

Pax Aus,NoobFeed,

This marks the 5th year of PAX Aus and with this new partnership with EB Games, the event will bring more hands-on games, panels, and live concerts, and much more.

“PAX Aus grows every year, and in 2018, EB Expo is the red mushroom to our Italian plumber,” said Jono Whyman, Event Manager of PAX Aus. “We’re incredibly excited to partner with EB Games to level up PAX Aus and continue to put on the biggest, best gaming show for our die-hard fans and new members of the PAX family.”

PAX Aus will take place from October 26th to 28th at the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre. Featuring games and content from over 180 companies from around the world.

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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