This year Sony decided to mimic Nintendo's launch of classic systems with their own PlayStation Classic. Today, Sony revealed the entire list of games on the preloaded console. Some great, others not so great.

PlayStation Classic,NoobFeed,

The titles include:

Battle Arena Toshinden
Cool Boarders 2
Destruction Derby
Final Fantasy VII
Grand Theft Auto
Intelligent Qube
Jumping Flash
Metal Gear Solid
Mr. Driller
Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
Resident Evil: Director’s Cut
Revelations: Persona
R4: Ridge Racer Tye 4
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
Syphon Filter
Tekken 3
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six
Twisted Metal
Wild Arms

As you might expect fans are not exactly pleased with the lineup. Many wondering where are titles that made Sony's first system such as hit like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Crash Bandicoot, and Spyro. Compared to Nintendo's Classic systems the PlayStation Classic is underwhelming, especially considering the controllers don't come with dual analog sticks.

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