We don’t do enough to represent MMO’s on NoobFeed. Partially because we don’t care about the six-millionth rendition of World of Warcraft coming out, but also because some just seem like they will suck. Here’s looking at you Transformers; someone please tell Hasbro to stop raping my cherished fandom.  Anyways, it’s time to focus on some ‘promising’ news regarding massively multiplayer online games.

Some of you might already know that the Warhammer IP has an online section as well. Players of the traditional fantasy setting can rejoice in knowing Warhamer Online will not be in danger of shutting down now that Star Wars: The Old Republic is releasing. Developer Mythic Entertainment reassured players that their involvement in the Jedi universe doesn’t mean the end for the Games workshop pride and joy. More so, the Wrath of Heroes expansion will offer a free-to-play alternative to those wanting to step into its world.


NoobFeed News - Warhammer 40K Online, Wrath of Heroes, Jagged Alliance, Shadowrun Online, A Closed World
Yup, I'll most definitely want to get my hands on some of that hot action.


Additionally, THQ has finally released more details on the upcoming Warhammer 40K MMO, dubbed Dark Millenium Online. Players with a ton of patience can expect the grand reveal to take place on March 13, 2013. It looks a little like the multiplayer section from Space Marine totally amped up, so that certainly doesn’t suck. The good folk at Strategy Informer have a ton of info should you want to get psyched right now. Beware of using your psyker powers with the Warp though! We all know how that ends.

Update: I'm sad to report that according to Destructoid, THQ is denying all revealed info about Dark Milenium. This one's on me, guys. I just wanted this to be true so bad. the game is still coming though, but for now we're back to speculations.


NoobFeed News - Warhammer 40K Online, Wrath of Heroes, Jagged Alliance, Shadowrun Online, A Closed World
You only noticed the giant GIRLS sign, didn't you? Shadowrun Online. That's the focus.


More on the MMO front, here’s some titles you might not know, but should know, so I’m letting you know, you know? Shadowrun is a classic amongst classics and a title dear to its cult following. Developer Cliffhanger Productions hasn’t given up on it and has announced to be working on an ambitious MMO title, called Shadowrun Online; yeah. Again, keep excitement at a low, because for one the developer is still working on their other MMO tribute, Jagged Alliance Online. Secondly, they haven’t actually started production yet, seeing as they’re keeping their focus on completing Jagged Alliance. Plus, they need to find someone to publish the damned thing. The good news however is that they’re trying to keep franchises true to the fans. It won’t be in 16-bit though, sadly.


NoobFeed News - Warhammer 40K Online, Wrath of Heroes, Jagged Alliance, Shadowrun Online, A Closed World
Yeah, I'm not so sure many demons have been vanquished by sound arguments.


And finally, while you wait for these games to snooze their way onto your browsers, please have a look at a small title with a twist. Singapore-based Gambit has released a prototype for A Closed World, which revolves around dealing with being LGBT. In a perfect world, this shouldn’t matter, but it’s amazing to see a game try and get some awareness going, without forcing it down our throats. You’ll be fighting ‘demons,’ which are clearly analogies for different things. Go play it now.

I almost forgot: Steam also has a bunch of F2P MMO's available, you can always get a fix there. Add me and stuff.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed. (@Daavpuke)

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  • loled at the first paragraph but it's damn straight. Apart from that MMOs aren't my cup of tea. Though I'm going to take a good look into Shadowrun Online.

    Posted Oct 13, 2011

  • @Sleven: You'll love Shadowrun. Consider it the Mass Effect of the SNES era. That is of course grossly inaccurate, but you get my point.

    Please, if you have a moment, try out A Closed World. It's out now, it's free and it's based on acceptance, which is a rare thing.

    Posted Oct 14, 2011

  • @Daavpuke I gave it a try. Cleaning demons from the jungle. It's not bad. But it's a little to easy to defeat them.

    Posted Oct 18, 2011

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