Hey, most will probably don’t care, but there is such a thing as a uDraw, which is basically the controller Nintendo stole its idea for the WiiU. They both have awkward “U” placement: Proof! Anyway, the machine has shipped 1.7 million units on the Nintendo Wii, according to owner THQ, which is something they hope to match with their newest piece.


NoobFeed News - THQ Details uDraw HD tablet for Ps3/Xbox360
Get me this. Get me this and I solemny swear to release a comic every week.


Last E3, the publisher and now manufacturer has announced to release a new uDraw HD for PS3 and Xbox 360. The same things still apply, such as the ability to draw and play specially released games, but now in HD resolution! Also, one of the features is said to be a built-in controller, which is intriguing, as it would seriously lower the bar and make it more accessible for purchase. The world of drawing hasn't been this exciting since Mario Paint, which I also own, twice!



As you may know, I draw crude things and make comics out of them, so this sounds like heaven to me. The unit will come out in Europe on November 18 and will be bundled with the game Instant Artist. Alongside its release will come Pictionary Ultimate Edition and Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat. Let’s make it official: I want one!

Would you be interested in this sideline competitor to the WiiU?

Daav Valentaten
, NoobFeed. (@Daavpuke)

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