Crazy Anime Games Release Week [DoDonDisgaea/Extra Persona 2: Corpse in the Sky]

By Daavpuke, Posted 05 Nov 2011

Hey kids, do you like them there ‘anime’ business with all the poking man and stuff? Good, because we rounded up the giant batch of weird oriental themed games that came out, all in the same week; most in the same day:

DoDonPachi Resurrection

Disgaea 4
NoobFeed News - Crazy Anime Games Release Week [DoDonDisgaea/Extra Persona 2: Corpse in the Sky]



Also, don’t forget that Persona 2: Innocent Sin and Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky are now also available on PSP, with bundles and other promotions available.

Also, apparently, XSeed which once incurred my wrath with Ys Seven is still making plenty of anime games and has something called Corpse Party coming. It’s coming on November 22. It’s about corpses.

Don’t like my lazy half-hearted attempt at news? Kill yourself. Someone else was supposed to do this; yesterday; when the actual things were out. If you’ll excuse me, you have to hang yourself and I have a pile of games to write about for you.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed. (@Daavpuke)

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  • I notice that you omitted the original details I submitted regarding DoDonPachi: Resurrection's EU release and instead replaced them with a trailer.

    But wait, what right do I have to tell you that? Of course, I should just go and hang myself. Now if only I could find that rope...

    I've seen your other articles and reviews. You have talent, but you *cannot* go about writing articles that directly insult the reader by telling them to hang themselves.  That's not going to make this site a friendly, lively and pleasant place to be. It's going to drive people off. In fact as far as I'm aware, instructing someone to commit suicide is a violation of the ToU.

    Posted Nov 06, 2011

  • @Caliburn: Wait a goddamned second, let me get this straight: I actually go out of my way to oblige your request and you're pissed? I can always delete this and ignore you in the future; that works too - I'm in no way required to be friendly to anyone nor reply to news submits, since they aren't addressed to me. I just thought this would at least please you personally. Apparently, you can look a gift horse in the mouth. But no, instructing someone to kill themselves in an obviously cynical news item is a debatable point. Would you care for a debate on the points of killing yourself?

    Also, the details I so arrogantly waved away and 'replaced with a trailer' are exactly 1 click away, should you have cared about it enough yourself.

    Posted Nov 07, 2011

  • Being hungover is not a good reason to mock the all mighty Disgaea and Persona games! However i was quite amused by the article and exicted.

    Posted Nov 07, 2011
  • @Knight: I'd rather die than mock Persona, good sir. Are you picking up any of these weird-faced people? I recommend Legend of Heroes, but I'm in that kind of stuff.
    Posted Nov 07, 2011

  • anime has a hatred thing for Xbox so im gonna have to pass till i buy a PlayStation product some day im my life.

    Posted Nov 07, 2011

  • Aww curse me for not having a PSP. I really wish they'd release the original Persona games on PSN as PSone classics or a collection or something. Disgaea 4 seems fun from what I've seen.

    Posted Nov 07, 2011

  • why so much hate people?  you mad bro's? 


    I have your back man!  Thank you for putting out info on anime games! =]


    Sounds like somebody needs a hug.

    Posted Nov 07, 2011

  • @RedWolf37: You can thank @Caliburn as well; it was his idea. While I care for all of you and every game that releases, I can't always write about every little thing that happens; there's just not enough time in one day. It's his reminder that created this news.

    Posted Nov 07, 2011

  • @daavpuke I maybe. However the real question wouild be funds right now. Investing more money in to imporving my laptop for SCII right now.

    Posted Nov 09, 2011

  • A truly wise decision there.

    Posted Nov 09, 2011

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