The weekend is upon us and what better way to start it off then by giving you enough viewing material to procrastinate the hell out of any productive activity you should be doing. You might’ve noticed, we upload the hell out of Youtube videos. You should subscribe the hell out of it. Why can’t I stop saying the hell out of that? But now, let’s see some games:


NoobFeed News - Video Game Weekend [Procrastination Time!]


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is still that weird title, were Electronic Arts even employs famed sports superstars to create their fantasy RPG titles as well. Here’s some new gameplay footage from that. While we’re at it, let’s also look at a weapons trailer for the Syndicate reboot. It’s come a long way since its original, slightly communist, release.



Nintendo announced to finally be releasing Wii RPG The Last Story to Europe this February 24, 2012. It’s been a long wait and it will still be a little while longer, so enjoy this trailer they’ve passed us. At the same time, enjoy a release trailer for the long awaited sequel to platformer Trine, originally named Trine 2.



The Devil May Cry reboot, dubbed DmC, I also making progress, be it for good or bad. Whether you enjoy the new “emo” Dante or not, enjoy some of the turbulent action from this ever hectic hack and slash. Yours truly, for one, doesn’t think the man looks emo at all, just different. I like change; change is new.



Last, but not least, yet another reboot, this time with Jagged Alliance: Back In Action. Kalypso is reviving a classic turn based strategy and getting ready to release it February 2012. By the looks of it, February is going to be one filled up game month, so save your holiday cash.



And very last, but not very least, we’re also getting pumped for the Playstation Vita release next week. Mind you, December 17 is only the release date for Japan, but it will be out then!  To celebrate, we uploaded twenty-one trailers. That’s right; we’ve got twenty-goddamn-one trailers all about the Vita. Why? Because we can. Naturally, it would be way too long to all cram on one page, so make sure to go to our carefully crafted playlist and watch half an hour of awesomeness.



By the way, should that still not be sufficient to destroy any productive activity, Bastion now has a free trial right on your browser, if you use Google Chrome at least. Also, Steam has a free weekend going for Killing Floor, together with a huge discount. You have been warned.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed. (@Daavpuke)

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  • DmC gameplay videos were pretty convincing. And loved what you did with the homepage image for this news.

    Posted Dec 09, 2011

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