Ridge Racer Unbounded 'Behind The Game' Details Features

By Daavpuke, Posted 12 Mar 2012

North American residents will have to wait to get their hands on arcade racing game Ridge Racer Unbounded. Namco Bandai has said it would release it there ‘later in 2012’ in order to ensure its quality. However, the European date still stands at March 30, 2012. In any case, the publisher is strongly pushing its product with numerous trailers. A behind the game feature shows off the latest info in the game.



First off, the developers at Bugbear want to make sure everyone knows their game, built on their own custom engine, is not a simulation experience. Ridge Racer is arcade racing through and through and that’s the goal in this action packed title as well.

The trailer shows off the various glowing districts the game will have to offer, as well as a track editor that lets players easily customize section with blocks. Furthermore, Unbounded will have a lot of attention for destruction and will make use of in-game prompts showing where damage can be done. This destructive environment will be emphasized by some captured slow motion camera shots. Additionally, one of the game modes itself called Frag Attack will get completely centered on destruction and reward players for destroying their surroundings.


Ridge Racer Unbounded Behind The Game Details Features - NoobFeed News


Another proud tidbit the developers show is that Ridge Racer Unbounded will naturally involve the game’s interface within the game world. This means that info regarding the game or gameplay at hand will get incorporated in the surrounding locales and structures to give players a more organic racing experience. That’s a slick move.

Ridge Racer Unbounded will release for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. It bears some resemblance to the Burnout series. Do you prefer arcade or simulation racing?


Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed. (@Daavpuke)

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