Promotion Paradox, Ni No News And Portal Present

By Daavpuke, Posted 16 Sep 2011

Oh, what a glorious day to be a gamer and I don’t mean that just because you can blissfully enjoy our Dead Island review. There’s also been a ton of great news released, all in the same day. Where to begin? I should really spread out these news items more, but they all have equal value in my gamer heart.


NoobFeed News- Promotion Paradox, Ni No Kuni News And Portal Present


Paradox Interactive, the makers of some of the best games this year, namely Magicka and Mount & Blade: With fire & Sword, are still hard at work for their community. In one week’s time, they’ve released Sengoku, the counterpart to Sega’s Shogun: Total War. But they’ve also added German Cities to their wide Cities In Motion builder.  And just now, they’ve revealed the stand-alone Fallen Champions addition to the King Arthur franchise. It’s busy times from the independent publisher with a heart of gold. We hope to give you more news from them shortly. But in the meantime, we have trailers for all these games, so check them out on Youtube!


More on youtube yo! Subscribe and watch and watch and sit and watch.


Now for the news with the most nerdgasm value. Anime fans, listen closely! Ni no Kuni (now Ninokuni apparently) is a breathtaking collaboration between Professor Layton’s Level-5 and Spirited Away’s Studio Ghibli. So far, the game was only marveled at by Asian eyes, but at a nearby Sony event during Tokyo Games Show, the developer announced to be bringing the joy overseas in 2012! If your pants have dried, you’ll be glad to know there are plans for both DS and PS3 version to be localized. Even if it is only an American release so far, yours truly is overjoyed.


NoobFeed New - Ni No Kuni
Ni No Kuni is so beautiful I want to cry. A manly cry.


Finally, let’s talk about some more great digital PC promotions. You PC lot are truly spoiled with us, aren’t you? Today’s Daily Deal on Steam is the hack and slash adventure Darksiders, bringing war to your local bedroom and not in that sticky way. Oh, Paradox joins in on the fun for the Fallen Champions release, so you can grab the King Arthur series super cheap there! There is also a new shooter that catches the eye by the name of Xotic. I have no idea how you pronounce that, but it looks fun and colorful and it’s that type of indie cheap, so it’s all win!


I have no words on watching this while listening to Blink 182. It's just not right.


But lastly, you’re excused from posting any comments in this article, because you’re going to download the original Portal for free right now. You can still read that Valve is offering the title free for anyone until September 20, but now you must go and download it. I already did ages ago. Now I’ll go download more coffee.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed. (@Daavpuke)

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  • portal? free? DOWNLOAAADDING!!!

    Ninokuni looks immensely interesting...something i would soo look into.

    i now hate you for showing me that Darksiders really hate you!

    Posted Sep 17, 2011

  • Thank goodness they're localizing it over here. I'm so excited for Ni no Kuni :)

    Posted Sep 18, 2011

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