• Pinball Planet

    by Daavpuke, Posted01 Dec 2014

    Mobile games have evolved quite a bit since their breach into popular culture, though the medium is still a favorite for the casual time waster. As su

  • This War of Mine

    by JohnnRckr, Posted14 Nov 2014

    Fuck the war. That’s what the graffiti outside “our home” reads in 11 Bits Studio’s This War of Mine, and, after long delibera


    by RON, Posted14 Oct 2014

    Remember the good old days when you spent half of your allowance in the arcade? Perhaps your trip down memory lane will take you to the image of the l

  • This War of Mine

    by XboxBetty, Posted14 Sep 2014

    Video games and war. The two seem to go hand in hand with most people conjuring up thoughts of Call of Duty and Battlefield when placing the two toget

  • The Banner Saga

    by Daavpuke, Posted17 Dec 2013

    It’s rather peculiar that in the many years games have existed, The Banner Saga is the first one to apply such careful detail to an otherwis

  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

    by Woozie, Posted25 Nov 2013

    I’m sure that by now, Blizzard Entertainment is a name familiar to most, if not everyone who knows a thing or two about one of the most beloved




29 Nov, 2014

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