• Randal's Monday

    by JohnnRckr, Posted13 Dec 2014

    Randal’s Monday is not your typical point-and-click adventure game, and that’s both a positive and negative. Games tend to intertextuality

  • Lords of the Fallen

    by Daavpuke, Posted13 Dec 2014

    In 2014, games have seemingly forgotten how to be genuinely hard to master and instead just want to be “the Dark Souls of X.” While Lords

  • Dragon Age III: Inquisition

    by Grayshadow, Posted07 Dec 2014

    High hopes have been placed on Dragon Age: Inquisition to bring the franchise back to its roots. Where Dragon Age: Origins was an elaborate adventure

  • Blackguards 2

    by Gabriel_P, Posted10 Dec 2014

    Blackguards 2 features an excitingly strategic turf-wars element, akin to that of GTA: San Andreas. The turn-based gameplay mechanics are sound, despi

  • Deathtrap

    by Gabriel_P, Posted28 Nov 2014

    You may treat tower defence as a distant, but not forgotten, genre of gaming. Think again. Neocore Games have completely reinvited the genre with Deat

  • Alienware Launch 2014 - Evolve Impression

    by Grayshadow, Posted28 Oct 2014

    What’s the point of upgrading your computer or buying a new console without having a great game to play? TheAlienware Area-51 is an impress




29 Nov, 2014

Who released the best games this year?

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