• Cosmochoria Steam Early Access

    by XboxBetty, Posted27 Sep 2014

    Here at NoobFeed, we've been keeping our eyes on a tiny, cheerful, naked cosmonaut. Throughout the year, indie developer Nate Schmold has gained a

  • This War of Mine

    by XboxBetty, Posted14 Sep 2014

    Video games and war. The two seem to go hand in hand with most people conjuring up thoughts of Call of Duty and Battlefield when placing the two toget

  • Door Kickers

    by Woozie, Posted12 Sep 2014

    Good realtime strategy games are hard to come by nowadays. Barring Starcraft 2, there aren’t that many titles that manage to stand on their feet




02 Sep, 2014

#GamerGate, pick your sides, ladies and gents!

  • Feminists rule!
  • Feminists drool :(
  • All game journalism is corrupt.
  • I need to boycott more things.
  • I actually "like" Doritos.
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