• DiscStorm

    by Artemis, Posted30 Aug 2015

    When you need to solve a problem amongst gamers, what better way to do it than an all-out arena battle to the death? Or in this case, an all-out arena

  • Grow Home

    by Artemis, Posted30 Aug 2015

    The Unity engine has come under fire as of late for being the engine of choice for people putting less savory products on Steam Greenlight. What happe

  • PixelJunk™ Nom Nom Galaxy

    by Artemis, Posted12 Aug 2015

    Soup is one of the simplest meals one can make and it's perfect for sick humans, but why is this relevant to video games in any way? That's be

  • Dirty Bomb

    by Daavpuke, Posted01 Jun 2015

    Free-to-play shooters are a dime a dozen by now, though not all can count on the pedigree of Dirty Bomb. Both marks of developer Splash Damage and pub

  • Take on Mars

    by Gabriel_P, Posted15 Mar 2015

    Developed by Bohemia Interactive, Take on Mars is a Mars exploration simulator. You simulate the role of a space station coordinator, responsible for

  • Battlefield Hardline Beta Impression

    by Grayshadow, Posted13 Feb 2015

    After the disappointing launch of Battlefield 4, it would seem that EA isn’t taking any chances with Battlefield Hardline. After a successful al




02 Jan, 2015

What are your expectations for our little gaming world in 2015?

  • Less delays
  • Better sales
  • No more Season Pass/DLC
  • More ethical behavior
  • More acceptance and positivity
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