"And the game begins!"

Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Release Date: Nov15, 2011
Platform(s): PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, X360
Genre: Sports Simulator

A playable demo of the next game of the famous soccer franchise is now available for download via PlayStation Network, though it’s only available so far in the European PSN Store. The Xbox 360 should also get its own demo version of the game, but Microsoft console owners will have to wait until September.

Those who download it to see how the series progresses may hold friendly matches between clubs Manchester United, F.C. Porto, Napoli and AC Milan, or relive the last final of the Libertadores Cup (Santos vs Peñarol). There also is a training mode enabled with small objectives. We tested this demo to pass on to you our views on the development, as well as all the changes and innovations presented in this issue, which has everything to serve as a warm up between sport simulators.


It is true that one player does not take a team to victory. Konami knows this, and with that they greatly enhance the artificial intelligence of the players in this new version. Thus, the chances of getting a goal through a free kick from a more tactical system formed by the computer AI decreases. Something that should only improve with the possibility to control two players simultaneously is a feature available only partially in this demo release. So while running with the ball we still cannot control a second player to pitch a move in dead ball situations (such as fouls and corners). You can, however, move to control a second player who will get the ball, thus facilitating the creation of played in these situations.

Obviously, after a habituation to PES 2012, curiosity has fallen on the brand new "Teammate Control", which allows us to control two players simultaneously. This can be done either manually or assisted. As you would imagine, manually controlling two players is a more difficult task but at the same time more rewarding, because we can enjoy full control of both players. Assisted mode can make it more automated, where you can only instruct a player to run to a particular direction.

After the start of the game, there is no doubt that what stands out is the graphics of PES 2012. Improving from previous versions, this will certainly not disappoint fans of Pro Evolution Soccer. The light effects are very well made and detailed player models, new animations that are glaring. The collisions between players, animations out of the game (referees, coaches, etc.) are far more realistic and give that spirit of a football game. Konami is definitely working well with the graphical representation of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012. Continuing the tradition of the series, you can recognize the faces of the players, surprisingly faithful to reality. Thus, stars like Neymar and Alexandre Pato are all very well represented.

However, it's in the gameplay that the main differences compared with the previous versions really stand out. The introduction of Active AI has revolutionized the way PES 2012 is played. As the name implies, the artificial intelligence is always active, which means that something is always happening in the field. Players are now endowed with more intelligence and more informed decisions when it comes to attacking and defensive positions. But what else was even surprised by the positive feeling that the game sends the command when we have hands. The players finally are lightweight and versatile regarding ball control, or take longer to dominate the ball. This new Active AI makes the game faster, more fluid and, in turn, more fun.

Another novelty present in PES 2012 is the dead ball situations, thanks to the inclusion of a system called "Off the Ball Controls". This system offers the possibility of controlling a player of your choice and open space on a defense that can make the difference between a ball in the hands of a goalkeeper and a ball in the net. Other small touches were also added to give more grace to the game, as players seek to collect the ball before the defender. All this, coupled with improvements in artificial intelligence, physics and system impact, shows that Konami has decided that in 2012, the fight for the best soccer simulator will heat up.

After putting the demo through the test, we believe there are still things to tune just as there are more things to say about PES 2012. This, however, will be saved for when the final version is available and determine if PES 2012 will or will not be the best PES ever.

Marco Cecilio, NoobFeed

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  • All I can do is to wait for this fine game :D

    Posted Aug 29, 2011

  • I played the demo myself and for the first time in years, it didn't feel like the old days. May be it's just me, or the fact that Liverpool isn't on the demo :P

    Posted Aug 31, 2011

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