Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

By canana, Posted 11 Jul 2012

"Is the old PES back?" 

Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Release Date: TBA
Platform(s): PC, PS3, PSP, X360, Wii, 3DS
Genre: Soccer Simulator

After stating the official announcement of the game, Konami is gradually releasing new information on the next title in the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise. If the company has brought a new video at E3, it is also doing something very wise: seeking the approval of the various players in different parts of the planet. But even with the fans happy, Konami wanted to "reinvent" the franchise with PES 2012, plan that ultimately failed. Even worst: it made​the whole market on a silver platter to their main competitor: FIFA, EA Sports. Changes requested by gamers will finally be answered in PES 2013 - at least that's what Konami says - and many features are comming.

One of the points in FIFA 12 more pleasing to players is the reality of copied movements of some of the most famous athletes in the world. According to Konami, it should appear in an innovative way also in the new PES 2013 with the PlayerID. In addition to the features in the game regarding facial expressions, you'll also find the tricks and play style recreated. The feature is also shown in the trailer released by the company. In the video, you can see the ace-model-galactic star Cristiano Ronaldo, from real athlete, turning into a player of the new PES. Also according to the company, this game should really focus on the talent of the athletes - in what would, in the words of the company, "the most Faithful recreation of modern day football to date".


Speaking of gameplay, PES 2013 should also bring several changes accordingly. In the new game, Konami has to introduce the new system PES FullControl (PES FC), which may be a new way to control the athletes on the field. It should promise many changes in the game, since with this new gameplay scheme you will be able to have "full control of the ball." That is, more than ever dribbling, shots and skills displayed in the field may be controlled by the gamer. Now you have freedom of control, with players getting the ball in many different ways, running several passes and making custom shots with you controlling force, curve of the ball and everything like never seen before.

The artificial intelligence of athletes has also been carefully crafted in PES 2013. The new tool ProActive AI should change the way players behave on the pitch. According to information released by the company, developers have joined some fans to identify the most unrealistic events that irritated gamers. From this, the new game will bring a better swing at the speed of rebuilding the team, defensive positioning of players and tactical organization to counter-attacks, for example. Moreover, as the controls are more manual, shall we say, unique characteristics of each player will be saved by the game. Thus, the way you kick or pass a ball with an athlete, for example, will be remembered and will become increasingly easy to do.

Another complaint of the crowd regarding PES 2012 is about the participation of the goalkeepers. Konami claims to have heard the fans and reshaped the way the archers should play, and it should also commence the recreation of real athletes. This is because, beyond the outfield players, the most famous goalkeepers in the world also have their main features recreated within the game, as the way to defend certain kicks. Moreover, the throw will also be an important factor, since athletes with this ability in particular can help in counter-attacks, performing releases much more accurate.

Konami has also invested heavily in developing a more fun gameplay. Although the game continue to demand more of the newcomers with a learning curve even more challenging, the level reached in terms of fun outweighs any effort.This is because the new commands include many hand movements. In the latest video released by the company, you can see that you will be able to control the way the player drives the ball, passing, control the strength and height of the crosses and the power of the shots. 

The truth is that Konami brings several new features and promises to the new PES 2013. Do the problems will be solved and the game will get back to cope with the FIFA franchise? In information released at E3 2012, Konami said that a demo version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 should be available very soon. Until then, we can only wait. PES 2013 should reach the stores by the end of the year for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. 

Marco Cecilio, NoobFeed

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