Crysis 3: Multiplayer Beta

Crysis 3: Multiplayer Beta is a lot of fun and makes you want more.

By Grayshadow, Posted 02 Feb 2013

With Crysis 3 releasing in the upcoming weeks the developers at Crytek have given the community a chance at experiencing the new refined version of Crysis 3’s multiplayer. This demo was released for all platforms and offers a limited array of options for players to test there combat abilities on the battlefield. With all new changes to the environment, combat and nanosuit players will have to adapt to the refined system if they hope to survive the beta. Remember this is only a beta and everything within this demo can change in the final product.

Let’s start with the two modes available. Players will have a choice between the classic Crash Site and the newly added Hunter mode that can be access through public or private matches. Hunter is a brand new mode where two hunters, picked at random, must eliminate a squad of C.E.L.L. troopers. The troopers must attempt to stay alive for two minutes by any means. By staying alive, C.E.L.L. players are granted a steady amount of points that continue to rise the longer you stay alive, and both teams are granted points for killing the opposing team. Each time a hunter kills an enemy target that player becomes a hunter till the end of the round. It’s a hectic mode that requires patience, teamwork and resourcefulness.

Players are limited to only three options as a C.E.L.L. trooper and one default hunter option. As a C.E.L.L. soldier you can choose between close quarters, sniper, and ranger -- each having specific perks and weapons. In addition C.E.L.L. soldiers don’t have any extra ammo and must find clips on the battlefield. Hunters are granted a permanent cloak, but no armor function. The only weapon available to the hunters is the compound bow that can kill a target in one hit. This will continue for 5 rounds and one player will be declared a winner based on his or her overall score. I loved how they start a match of hunter by showing how the C.E.L.L. troopers are stranded in such a precarious situation. It reminded me of Killzone 3’s Operations mode.

In Crash Site two teams must compete over a crashed alien pod from a Ceph ship. While staying within the glowing aura players obtain to the targetd score and 50 individual points for leveling. However, these pods aren’t permanent and explode after a certain amount of time has past. Once that happens a new pod will be ejected from the same ship at a random location. When capturing a pod, players are able to use the panels as shields and can throw them at enemy players for fatal results. Those who played Crysis 2 will instantly be familiar with this mode and those new to the franchise will be able to pick it up quickly.

Unlike hunter, players are able to choose between custom weapons and abilities in Crash Site. By gaining points through either mode, players unlock a limited amount of new weapons, attachments and modules. Unfortunately, you cannot customize your profile and nanosuit reboots are available at level 10. Also unlike the pervious game perks are no longer limited to a certain category like stealth, armor and power but listed in one large list. The Beta offers enough weapons for each type of battle style, whether it’s close range, sniping, or mid-range combat, you’ll find enough weapons that fits each field. Within the actual battlefield hides hidden alien weaponry left by the Ceph. These powerful weapons can easily destroy any nanosuit, but it requires you to find it and cannot be held for later use. Instead you must use the gun until you decide to put it down or use all the ammunition.  

Regardless of what you’re using the ultimate tool remains the nanosuit. With this extraordinary piece of technology you can stealth, increase armor and move at an alarming rate. Each mode uses energy and requires you to constantly manage the rate of your consumption. In stealth mode, you can travel through the field undetected but at reduced speed, and performing any action without first deactivating stealth will drain your energy completely. In armor, you’re protected by an invisible shield that greatly lowers damage from oncoming fire and explosions. Finally, using powerful acrobatic feats, such as the the super jump uses energy. Unlike Crysis 2 you no longer need nanosuit energy to sprint. Managing your nanosuit energy is mandatory and those you ignore that meter will find themselves dying a lot.

Weapons and modes are nothing without a proper battlefield. The beta offers two maps to create glorious bloody mosaics of your enemies: Museum and Airport. Museum takes place on a ravaged museum full of broken hallways and filled with overgrown plant life. It provides excellent vantage for ranged fighters, but enough small tunnels and cover for those using close range weaponry. The water is litter with old street poles that can be used just like the alien drop-pod shields, throw them at enemy players and watch them die. Airport focuses more on mid-range and close combat. Set in a abandon airline terminal, players can traverse through the old station, outside and into a broken plane. You can find some sniper positions, such as on top of the plane, but you’ll be quickly detected.

New additions to the Crysis 3 multiplayer include vehicles. Each of these spawn randomly and can used by either team. The Pinger is a large Ceph mech that can easily eliminate enemy players with an sonic-blast or projectiles. However, if you’re not careful someone can sneak up and eject you from the pilot’s seat. The V-tail plane houses two mounted turrets that can be used from the plane or removed for personal use. The inclusion of these vehicles can turn the tide in battle or add pressure on those struggling to keep up.

I had a lot of fun playing the Crysis 3: Multiplayer Beta in the past several days. I’m surprised they didn’t include the E3 demo of the hydro dam for those seeking some single-player content. But Hunter has provided a new take on Crysis multiplayer and Crash Site is still hectic and enjoyable. I’m annoyed about the inclusion of the auto armor module and sprinting without requiring energy does feel strange for a veteran Crysis 2 player. However, these are only minor annoyances and perhaps things will change in the final product. I’ve only been given a taste of Crysis 3 and now I want more.

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