Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 8: A Journey's End Review

The finale of Minecraft is full of action but ends with a whimper

By Grayshadow, Posted 18 Sep 2016

The final episode for Minecraft: Story Mode is finally here. After so many portals, new worlds, and dangerous challenges Jesse and his friends have finally reached the end of their extensive journey. “A Journey’s End?” has some exciting moments but the overall adventure seems like a rushed. It doesn’t have the same lasting effect but leaves Minecraft: Story Mode open to more adventures in the next season.

Jesse and his friends, with the help of Harper, are focused on getting home. Now aware of a mysterious item called the Atlas, which can navigate the Portal Hallway, Jesse enters a new realm home to the Old Builders. It’s here that Jesse must overcome new challenges and somehow break through to desperate and broken people in order to once again save his friends and get home.

This new world is controlled by The Old Builders, seemingly legendary constructors who’ve lived for centuries. Hadrian, Otto, and Mevia rule the realm with an iron fist, and with the help of large enforcers called Gladiators. The people who participate are forced into these deadly events, which are based off Minecraft: Battle Mode, called the Games for a chance at freedom. Those who fail are sentenced to the Nether in the Quartz mines until they’re given another chance. The events are cleverly constructed, each tailoring to specific talents and skills. 

Hadrian acts as the main antagonist here. Power-mad and unwilling to release control this Old Builder loves putting people in unwinnable situations. Clever and cunning Hadrian would give Cassie Rose a run for her money. As always Hadrian and the rest of the cast in “A Journey’s End?” is brought to life thanks to fantastic voice-acting.

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The first 20 minutes of “A Journey’s End?” had me on the edge. Pushed, literally, into a new world without the slightest idea what’s happening. Everything started blowing up and in a matters of minutes made a critical decision that I immediately regretted. The episode starts off strong but quickly loses momentum as predictable cliches are constantly introduced, which is a shame considering how well the previous episodes kept pushing exciting and new moments every turn.

The ending of Minecraft: Story Mode’s first season was underwhelming. Questions regarding the origins of The Old Builders remain unanswered and most importantly the ending is disappointing. Getting through the games and attempting to rescue the world from The Old Builder’s tyrant oppression is save thanks to an epic final boss battle. 

When compared to other Telltale Games adventures “A Journey’s End?” falls rather short for a conclusion. The gameplay and incredible animated sequences help save the episode from getting stale but during the finale it simply ends. It’s definitely the most action packed of all the Minecraft episodes and leaves Jesse and his friends on a new path open to many adventures but it’s a shame Telltale couldn’t find a way to produce a better ending.

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