• Metal Gear Online: Cloaked In Silence

    By RON, Posted 14 Apr 2016

    o all Metal Gear Online players, this pack comes as well-deserved refreshment. Not only does it add the silent female assassin from the single player mode, Quiet, but it also comes [read more]

  • Quantum Break

    By Grayshadow, Posted 08 Apr 2016

    uantum Break attempts to mix together television and video games into one stellar experience. Terrific sound design and voice acting sell each scene, and strong performances furthe [read more]

  • Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 5: Ordered Up!

    By Grayshadow, Posted 30 Mar 2016

    he last episode Minecraft: Story Mode had players confused, wondering how Telltale would continue the episodic adventure now that the Wither Storm was stopped and the captured peop [read more]

  • Fallout 4: Automatron

    By Grayshadow, Posted 24 Mar 2016

    allout 4: Automatron is quick side dish for those looking for new experiences in the Commonwealth. It adds a new story arc, weapons, enemies, and a brand new companion to explore t [read more]

  • Tom Clancy's The Division

    By Grayshadow, Posted 15 Mar 2016

    s you travel through Manhattan in The Division you’ll hear the cry of desperate citizens, gunshots and the wind passing through empty buildings. The laws that once kept socie [read more]


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