• Metro Redux

    By Daavpuke, Posted 15 Sep 2014

    emakes are out of control and with the turn of console technology, many are using the shift as an excuse for another needless repackaging. Metro Redux is such an item, coming off t [read more]

  • The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 5 - No Going Back

    By Grayshadow, Posted 30 Aug 2014

    he Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 5 - No Going Back pushes the remaining survivors to their absolute limits. Unlike season one's bang, No Going Back ends with a whimper. Heartb [read more]

  • Sacred 3

    By Daavpuke, Posted 10 Aug 2014

    acred 3 is at the point in the series where a sequel needs to step away from its prior iterations, to prevent stagnation, but also try to keep its integrity. It’s tough being [read more]

  • Pure Pool

    By Woozie, Posted 09 Aug 2014

    ver the years sports have gotten fair, quantitative treatment in the gaming industry.  While maybe not as visible on the radar, pool hasn’t been forgotten by developers [read more]

  • The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode Four - Amid the Ruins

    By Grayshadow, Posted 29 Jul 2014

    ldquo;Amid the Ruins” is a strong penultimate episode to The Walking Dead Season 2. As you would expect from the series things go from bad to worse, but it’s not the co [read more]


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Final Fantasy 13 Trilogy Coming to PC Next Month

18 Sep 2014

The Final Fantasy 13 trilogy is finally coming to PC. Square Enix mad

Anna - Extended Edition Available on Xbox 360 Next Week

17 Sep 2014

A first-person horror adventure game from indie developer Dreampainters, Anna -

Full Tracklist Revealed for Just Dance 2015

16 Sep 2014

The very first Just Dance game was released for Nintendo's Wii on November

Microsoft Buys Minecraft

15 Sep 2014

The rumors that Microsoft would purchase Minecraft are true. In a press re