Top 5 Fun Video Games Glitches

By SnowWhite, 25 Jan 2023

The carefully constructed illusion of a game's inner workings—a hodgepodge of numbers and

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  • Top 10 'Women' Game Alternatives From That E3 List That Was Worse Than My Lists Somehow

    By Daavpuke, Posted 19 Aug 2020

    Every day, the goal of Twitter is to not be the main character. Every day, someone is the main character. Somehow, E3 has managed to make itself the point of derision yet again, bu

  • 10 Strangest Indie Games

    By LCLupus, Posted 20 Dec 2022

    Let’s have a look at some of the strangest games out there. Here’s a bunch of them.   Donut County Have you ever wanted to be a racoon? Have you ever

  • Blade & Soul: Revolution Has A Loading Mini-game, So Here's Footage

    By Daavpuke, Posted 18 Mar 2021

    Who out there remembers Blade & Soul? Once seen as the next big thing since Guild Wars 2, under Korean publisher NCSoft, this massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MM

  • The Worst Crash Bandicoot Game Just Launched

    By Daavpuke, Posted 01 Apr 2021

    We're currently back, neck deep, into companies hawking nostalgia at us, partially due to the influx of new consoles. One of those franchises to come back in a big way is Crash

  • Tomas & Joe: A Return

    By Dramus, Posted 17 Apr 2013

    Out of the ashes they are reborn. Reborn, into something much greater. Bigger, badder and *Joes throws a controller at Tomas* "Oh shut up and give them the updates

  • By the Gods!

    By Knight, Posted 25 Mar 2013

    You know, i take it to heart when i say i check noobfeed weekly. Now i feel like i should be on more, why is that? simply put, our beta ends soon, in about fours days to be corr

  • My Top Four Brawlers

    By xC4Lx, Posted 19 Feb 2014

    The first thing I do when looking for a fighting game is how it brings my friends together. Especially when 'drinks' are being passed after a couple of sips each. The

  • A gamer hellloooooo

    By deliduck, Posted 01 Jun 2013

    Hmm this site sure has changed. What year is this again? It's odd posting here as I haven't posted a blog in years well...anywhere. I don't know why I am now or why it

  • Games are awesome

    By Bubli, Posted 21 Apr 2013

    I've been playing games since I was born actually... My brother bought a Nintendo 64, and later on a Playstation One, so I got these consoles when I was born. Played gam

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    Far Cry 3 Monologue

    By xC4Lx, Posted 12 Feb 2014

    Do you want to stab a guy from behind, then swiftly his partner and throw the second enemies knife into the chest of the third and last enemy who is rushing towards you, to complet

  • Back from the Dead

    By Shindiggah, Posted 16 Apr 2015

    So it was, with the grace of an everlasting butterfly, the infamous fool returned from the dead.

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    Testing testing testing

    By c_rake, Posted 22 Feb 2013

    Just seeing if this works. Though there really needs to be a preview button on this stuff. Seriously.

  • It's good to be back!

    By Cian, Posted 15 Apr 2013

    Right lets gets this blog satrted.. so what have I been up to since i've been away.. I started a 9 month internship last year and i am on my last couple days with th

  • 6

    Is it a bird?

    By xC4Lx, Posted 15 Feb 2014

    I was asked, what I felt like doing today? Wide eyed, I responded, I felt like flying around Metropolis. Oh god, a game from 2006? Are you freaking kiddin' me? Oh yes, G

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    Hi, I'm new | Jenna aka Raaiinbow

    By Raaiinbow, Posted 31 May 2019

      â„‹ey-ho everyone, honestly writing an introduction is nearly as hard as stopping to play video games, but let’s get started.. My

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