All Remembrance Duplication Coffin Locations in Shadow of the Erdtree

By nine_toes, 10 Jul 2024

If you’re not in the know, certain significant bosses drop Remembrances that you can trade wit

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  • Planetary Zerg Alert!

    By Amaya, Posted 02 Mar 2013

    Blizzard Entertainment today shared its plans for the official Heart of the Swarm launch events taking place in the US, France, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Russia

  • Joe Has Hijacked The Blog

    By Dramus, Posted 19 Jul 2012

    The title says it all folks! Joe has tied up Dramus and has hijacked this blog spot! w00t! Anyways, before he bites through his ropes, small updates and stuff!   Be

  • 10 Best E3 Videos/Trailers

    By Amaya, Posted 16 Jun 2013

    E3 2013 is now officially over but its memory isn’t. Much has been discussed about the new consoles and many titles have been shown. Some of them are new to us and some are a

  • New Outlook on 'Social Gaming'

    By Amaya, Posted 04 Aug 2013

    “If you play games on your phone, than you’re not truly a gamer”. The first time I heard this quote was during E3 by a special friend of mine, but is it true? Soc

  • Social Gaming and the Next Fiscal Year

    By Amaya, Posted 23 May 2013

    The video game industry has been rapidly changing. With the next generation of consoles on our doorstep and now Smartphone and tablets taking aggressive leap into the video game ma

  • 10 Worst E3 Trailers

    By Amaya, Posted 18 Jun 2013

    Not every trailer at E3 was, as the 9th Doctor who say, fantastic. Although some of them highlighted great gameplay elements and a wonderful presentation sometimes a poor choice in

  • Brief Analysis of GTA VI’s Trailer 1

    By AtillaTuran, Posted 06 Dec 2023

    Finally, the long wait is over. After ten years of back and forth with both Rockstar and impatient fans, GTA VI is, in fact, natural, and lots of people have been happy with the fi

  • Marvel's Spider-Man: A Hostile Takeover - A Worthwhile Prequel

    By Grayshadow, Posted 29 Aug 2018

    Marvel's Spider-Man is one of the biggest games releasing this year and it's releasing in about 1 week. Before its release, Sony released a prequel novel written by Da

  • New Overwatch Trend Has Enemy Players Playing Nice

    By Grayshadow, Posted 15 Oct 2016

    A new trend has started to sprout up in Overwatch, when the players from opposing sides get together and don't kill each other. At first, I thought it was a time thing but afte

  • A Constant Issue with Telltale Games on Xbox

    By Grayshadow, Posted 25 Oct 2016

    I'm a huge fan of Telltale Games, I've reviewed most of their games and given them high praise for having amazing stories. When Telltale released Batman I immediately purch

  • Top 10 'Women' Game Alternatives From That E3 List That Was Worse Than My Lists Somehow

    By Daavpuke, Posted 19 Aug 2020

    Every day, the goal of Twitter is to not be the main character. Every day, someone is the main character. Somehow, E3 has managed to make itself the point of derision yet again, bu

  • 10 Strangest Indie Games

    By LCLupus, Posted 20 Dec 2022

    Let’s have a look at some of the strangest games out there. Here’s a bunch of them.   Donut County Have you ever wanted to be a racoon? Have you ever

  • Blade & Soul: Revolution Has A Loading Mini-game, So Here's Footage

    By Daavpuke, Posted 18 Mar 2021

    Who out there remembers Blade & Soul? Once seen as the next big thing since Guild Wars 2, under Korean publisher NCSoft, this massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MM

  • The Worst Crash Bandicoot Game Just Launched

    By Daavpuke, Posted 01 Apr 2021

    We're currently back, neck deep, into companies hawking nostalgia at us, partially due to the influx of new consoles. One of those franchises to come back in a big way is Crash

  • Tomas & Joe: A Return

    By Dramus, Posted 17 Apr 2013

    Out of the ashes they are reborn. Reborn, into something much greater. Bigger, badder and *Joes throws a controller at Tomas* "Oh shut up and give them the updates

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