I love the Zelda franchise. Probably my favorite out of all other franchises out there, I got into it around the Link to the Past days on the SNES, didn't finish it, then really got into it when Ocarina of Time was released then one summer (and a lot more months after) I went back and completed all the other Zelda games in existence and have always loved and followed the series since. Each Zelda title brings something new to the table, whether it's putting on masks, riding on a train, turning into a wolf or sailing the open seas it keeps the series from getting too repetitive within itself but also maintaining that Zelda feel to the game. New additions to the game are welcome but these are a few things I would like to see maintained or added for the upcoming Zelda Wii title.

1.) Motion control excellence. Obviously this Zelda title being the first exclusive Zelda on the Wii and with the new Motion Plus it's exciting to wonder how combat or puzzles will be affected by motion. I foresee some great combat potential with Link and probably being able to swing that sword any way you want, just don't hit the TV or else we'll hear it all over the news how the Wii destroys homes. Hopefully it won't be too out of hand though or else we'll all wake up with a case of "Wii Shoulder" in the morning.

2.) More Dungeons! I love me some dungeons with some good ol' fashioned puzzles and enemies to slay. It was the best in A Link to the Past, just when you thought it was the end...BAM! Dark World. Eight more temples! GO! It was surely awesome and it kept me glued to the screen. Ocarina of Time also had a fair share of dungeons so I'm hoping the new Zelda will not disappoint.

3.) Collectibles. Almost every Zelda game has them. Hidden rabbits, gold skulltulas or treasure maps Zelda Wii needs something to keep players like me striving for that 100% completion and also making the replay value much greater. Wind Waker was chalk full of them and I kept going back for more sailing the seas for hours on end.

4.) Heart Pieces. This is more of a rant against the portable Zeldas (Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks) that don't have heart pieces because once you get a heart you gain one automatically to your life, no collecting 4 pieces first. I hope Zelda Wii continues on the path for having individual heart pieces, this adds more side questing to the game and also like collectibles, more replay value.

5.) Different Tunics. Ocarina of Time had different tunics for water and fire then your normal green but I think it could be expanded more. Maybe more defense for one but move slower and visa-versa for the other one much like how Link's Awakening did adding more defense with the red tunic and more offense with the blue tunic. Variety is good.

6.) More sword and shield options. We all know how awesome the Hylian Shield, Master Sword combo is but it was also awesome when players had the option to get other shields like the Big Goron Sword or equip the Mirror Shield from Ocarina of Time. If Zelda Wii had more options I think it would encourage a lot of players to strive for something different and appeal to more.

7.) Stay with Link. Majora's Mask had Link transform when wearing certain masks and Twilight Princess had Link transform into a Wolf in the Twilight Realm, this was a nice switch from the ordinary but at the end of the day you realize that the times playing as Link is just much better and hopefully in Zelda Wii the game stays with Link.

8.) Exploration/Hidden areas. Big open worlds are fun and all but if there isn't anything hidden to look for where is the fun in that? I love to explore in Zelda games and can spend hours just in the overworld searching for hidden areas under boulders or under the sea. Wind Waker was an exceptional example of exploration.

9.) Downloadable Content. It's more of a pipe dream thinking Nintendo would release some DLC for Zelda Wii in the future adding some more content to the game but I can't see that happening just yet.

10.) Return of Kaepora Gaebora. The wise Owl was one of the best Zelda characters and an excellent guide for Link. Not to mention an awesome theme song when you talked to him. He was seen in Ocarina of TimeMajora's Mask and Link's Awakening.
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  • i agree with most of it. i disagree, for example, with bringing it back to the alttp times, where all you did was run from one dungeon to the other. i want even more out-of-dungeon action than TP had. and one "open" dungeon. if you've played shadow of the colossus, think of a dungeon similar to that city where you fought the lion thing (the one with all the pillars that had to fall down).

    bring the world to it's huge wind waker size (or even larger) and fill with secret mini dungeons. and give the players real rewards, like optional equipment or heart pieces, not money that won't fit the wallet.

    give the game a reason to have an economic system. despite the rupee rain that zelda games tend to be, you can always play the game to the end without spending a single one, and simply because there's no reason to.

    Posted Jan 19, 2010

  • Zelda... eh. Twilight Princess pisses me off, and is still $50, so I until I complete TP (which will be never), I probably won't buy the new one. TP just really turned me off because of a glitch I got to near the homestretch and the game was too long and tedious.

    What I wish for in the new one is to not be as repetitive and I definitely want Kaepora Gaebora back. He was my sexy lover, but now I'm left with Tinkle... ;) :P

    Posted Jan 19, 2010

  • Whoops, I said Tinkle instead of Tingle. I also miss Navi too... She was annoying, but I liked her.

    Posted Jan 19, 2010

  • Can't say that Zelda is my specialty

    Posted Jan 19, 2010

  • Or the blue and white tunics in the first Legend of Zelda, giving you much more defense (I think those were the colors.. not so sure lol, but I think I got the white right).

    I'd have to agree with everything you said, put apart what is taken from Twilight Princess since I never played it. I didn't like the way it was supposed to be a GameCube exclusive but then it ended up on Wii though, but I have no logical reason for this.

    I personally highly dislike the DS Zelda games.. the controls, while being well done, makes me mad. I want me a good ol' D-Pad controls for future Zelda games, which means I'll never get it due to the control decisions made with the Wii and DS and Nintendo taking full advantage of them. Here I hope that if they ever release another on DS, that they'll let us choose between Stylus and conventional controls, then I'll start buying Zelda games again.

    Oh how do I remember sailing the seas endlessly in research of the treasures. To think many people disliked this and I found it great lol.

    Posted Jan 20, 2010

  • Very nice blog!! I would also like to add some more!! These features may be new to the series. How about crafting swords for killing different type of monsters or crafting anything useful? How about taking different path in the storyline? This increases replaybility. How about team play?

    Posted Jan 20, 2010

  • I agree with pretty much every idea on your list.


    I have a really different idea, which I know most Zelda fans would hate me for even suggesting this, but it would be really interesting if Nintendo went with an all online game where you create your own character and can explore around Hyrule, interact with other players, and do vaious quests (they could even find some way to still keep a main storyline in there). It'd be kind of like an MMO but a lot more limited. I wouldn't mind a regular Zelda, but this just seems new and exciting.

    I also agree with Yuna that the next one should either add something to really keep you on the edge of your seat, or trim down the length instead of adding tedious things on. Sometimes Zelda feels too drawn out and it gets boring. I'm highly anticipating hearing something about this game during E3 this year.

    Posted Jan 20, 2010

  • @BrunoBRS Yeah I know what one you are talking about, that would be a great idea.

    @Yuna7780 Navi was pretty cool but Tingle...not so much 

    @FetusZero I agree, an option for the D pad would be a lot better and probably please a lot more people.

    @Koshai interesting idea, variety is good!

    @King That would definitely be different but very new but then again with Four Swords they had a multiplayer-ish game there but they could expand on it a bit more adding a more MMO sense to it, that would be cool.  It could be kinda like what Fable II did for multiplayer.  Had the option for it but it wasn't necessarily required.

    Posted Jan 20, 2010

  •  Link to the Past had too many dungeons. A lot of the time, I thought that all I was doing was dungeons. Twilight Princess probably had the best dungeon-overworld ratio, and I especially liked how some dungeons had outdoor areas.

    But I'd love a lot of choices for swords, shields, tunics, and possibly even boots, like in Ocarina of Time, but more.

    Then again, if they just re-released Ocarina of Time, I'd be all over that. I don't care if it isn't new; you just can't get any better.

    Posted Jan 24, 2010

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