Been Awhile

By GamerMC, Posted 20 May 2010

Hello everybody.  It's been a pretty long time since I was on NoobFeed.  I have be extremely busy.  I use to have to jobs, but quit one so I'm more available now.  I'm still in school, but I graduate in about eleven days.  I've also been playing a lot of games whenever I have time.  I got a new surround sound system in my room, and enjoy it.  Been trying to get a girlfriend, but every girl so far has been real jerks to me. This will be an informal blog, just to let you guys know that I'm fine and still alive.

Game On!

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  • Glad to see your still hanging in there :).  Hope real life treats you well mate, be sure to visit NF once in a while though.

    Posted May 21, 2010

  • lol girls are what? :lol Whatever, gratz in advance for your graduation. Enjoy the site your way :)

    Posted May 21, 2010

  • I hopr you can find time to drop us a visit every once in a while. About girls, don't rush things, when you least expected you'll find a girl knocking at your door.

    Posted May 21, 2010

  • Welcome back :) Nice to know that you are still alive :P

    Posted May 21, 2010

  • Your luck with girls doesn't seem good :P lol

    Posted May 21, 2010

  • Woohoo!!! You are alive!!! Keep up what you are doing and dont go to much for girls right now!! But still dont lose hope. A time will come when you get your right girl.

    Posted May 21, 2010

  • hey man WAtsup :D

    Posted May 22, 2010

  • Good to see you around :)

    Posted May 23, 2010

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