By monica_cz, Posted 25 Jul 2010

Hey everybody,

seems my plans of spending some time here are ruined... and not only this... My graphics card on my laptop is dead, so I have to make a claim... That means I'll be without my computer for about a month? I'm writing this from my brothers computer, so I just wanted you all to know why I'm not here, nor on facebook... Oh, and the weather is awful... it's hot as hell or it's raining and it's cold... What a wonderful holiday, huh?

Have a nice week everybody! I'm going to negotiate with my brother to get some time on his computer daily, lol.

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  • Sorry to hear that. I hope you get them fixed soon. Offer something to your brother which he can't deny ;)

    Posted Jul 25, 2010

  • maybe a treaty with your brother would solve your problem. or give him something he desires a lot everyday as a trade.

    Posted Jul 25, 2010

  • Really sorry to hear about the crash. I hope you get it fixed. It’s annoying without a computer or laptop when we have free time to spend. I’m sure you’ll manage your bother to share his computer with you. Don’t forget you are a student of law. We make impossible the possible :D

    Posted Jul 26, 2010

  • Give your brother candies :D

    Posted Jul 26, 2010

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