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By Shindiggah, Posted 03 Sep 2010


well in good news this all turned out for the best. A friend of mine was about to sell his PS2 in a garage sale, so he sold it to me with a controller, 10 games and 2 8 meg meory cards for 20 bucks

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  • damn it. You shouldn't have risked it. Dreamcast and PS2 aren't the same thing. What are you going to do now? Check this blog. fishdalf has found a way to fix old PS2 by some servicing guys. See if they are available in your city.

    Posted Sep 03, 2010

  • Take this opportunity to learn about the insides of a PS2. Did you, by accident, when you opened the cover, pulled it a bit too far which stretched the wires of the buttons? I know the wires are rather tight and short, and when you open up a PS2 you need to be careful about them. I know about these because I had to open mine up several times in order to clean the lens for it to play games correctly lol.

    But yeah.. PS2's aren't so expensive anymore, so if you really love these games and do plan on playing them again, I'd say it is worth it.

    By the way, have you seen that new Catherine game for PS3? It looks.. quite mature like lol, it's from the makers of Persona, apparently a Persona spin-off.

    Posted Sep 03, 2010

  • Really sorry to hear that :( I hope you get it fixed by some divine miracle.

    Posted Sep 04, 2010

  • OMG!!! that is a serious deal!!! i hope the PS2 is working fine!!!

    Posted Sep 04, 2010

  • @Koshai well it hasnt been off for the past 30 hours (I had persona 4 running and Im sad to say I only stopped playing it to eat sleep and once to go shopping with a friend) and hasnt hicupped or frozen once, it isnt even really running hot so Id say its fine.

    Posted Sep 12, 2010

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