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By Amaya, Posted 17 Sep 2010

I've been surfing on the boards and some of your blogs for last few months, so it's a little late for the introductory blog. Anyway, I'm Amaya not the AmayaPapaya from GS. I've been into gaming for last 5-6 years. Thanks to my ex bf who got me into it.

I mostly play FPS and I have a Xbox360, DS, PSP and a gaming PC. I see a lot of PS3 gamers around. but sorry to say that this console has never interested me. My favorite series are Call of Duty, Resident Evil, GTA and few more. I'm currently playing Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days which is absolutely waste of money. I will be reviewing it once I finish it.

Beside gaming, I'm into fashion and movies. I work for a movie crew (don't ask the name please) and my plan is to eventually get into the screen. I work out everyday and I love to stay fit. Now Hogren123 will know why I asked him about going to gym regularly.

I was also been asked to help spreading the words in facebook and a lot of my friends have joined. Some of them are posting already. Feel free to send them friend request. Tomas is a very good friend of mine here and he is a great person. I'm happy that he has decided to stay here to give me company. And, if you have any facebook account, please join this group.

That should be enough for now. Feel free to ask me any question if you have. Thanks for reading.

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  • welcome Amaya :D  where are you from??

    Posted Sep 17, 2010

  • Thank you faria :) I was born in Singapore but currently living outside.

    Posted Sep 17, 2010

  • Noooooo i was finishing a project and couldnt get here first...nooooooo


    Its Blasphemy i tell ya!

    Posted Sep 17, 2010

  • not the AmayaPapaya from Gamespot.


    lol, i feel like a douche now :lol

    Posted Sep 17, 2010

  • I was expecting you mention me but anyway welcome here :)

    Posted Sep 17, 2010

  • Nice to know a little bit about yourself :D

    Posted Sep 17, 2010

  • @Sleven, so no brotherly love anymore...you must have dont something to upset her...sorry dude

    Posted Sep 17, 2010

  • @Dramus : No mate. I know she loves me and I wouldn't do anything to upset her :)

    Posted Sep 17, 2010

  • Welcome aboard :) I think you've been doing pretty good job over facebook.


    Your font really hurts :P

    Posted Sep 17, 2010

  • It's never too late to introduce yourself.  Sometimes, new members need some time to get used to a new site, welcome to NF, I hope you enjoy your stay. 

    I am also a BIG fan of FPS games, but I play almost all genres out there. 

    Posted Sep 17, 2010

  • Nice, intro. Better late then never :P. It's nice to know a bit more about you.

    Posted Sep 18, 2010

  • Cool beans. I joined the Facenook Group.

    Posted Sep 18, 2010

  • Now you made me curious!!! What is the name of the movie crew???

    Btw, keep on doing what you are doing. There are some emblems coming up for you!!!

    Posted Sep 18, 2010
  • avatar RON

    Nice to know about you. And, thank you very much for taking care of that group :)

    Posted Sep 18, 2010

  • You are into some pretty cool stuff :)

    Posted Sep 18, 2010

  • Ah that's why you asked. Well I must say I enjoy being in good shape. Though been to lazy lately. Need to step my game up now. :) 



    Do you still play RE 5? If you have it. 

    Posted Sep 18, 2010

  • @biZZy @Daavpuke @WillX47 @The_Icon @RON : Thanks to you all :)

    @Dramus : I'm missed yours and you did mine. It's all equal now :) And, I love my brother. He did nothing wrong :)

    @BrunoBRS : I knew you'd say that.

    @Sleven : I wanted to but I let it go for no reason. I thought you told everyone about me already.

    @canana : What are you playing now? You have 360?

    @Koshai : Won't say it. Sorry. I still need to understand the emblems here.

    @The_Icon : And, you are pretty yourself. Thanks for showing up again :D

    @Horgen123 : Get used to going to gym everyday at the same time for few months and you will get used to it. After that you won't feel lazy. I have the copy but not playing it. I loved it when I was playing.

    Posted Sep 18, 2010

  • Well whoever plays RE5, i need a partner that can survive the beginig...that damned AI dies and keeps getting herself killed...so anyone interested holler :)..

    @Amaya, have xb live?

    Posted Sep 18, 2010

  • No, I don't have a 360. I only have Ps3. Currently playing Alone in the Dark.

    Posted Sep 18, 2010

  • Great Blog :)

    Posted Sep 19, 2010

  • Welcome to NoobFeed Amaya :D

    Posted Sep 19, 2010

  • Finally you gave your first blog! :D. I thought that this day would never come :P. PS3 is a very nice console and I like it more then my 360 even though I bought my 360 first but still it can't defeat PS3 thats for sure! :D

    I wonder whats the name of that movie crew???

    Posted Sep 19, 2010

  • Welcome to noobfeed.  Nice to know a little more about you.

    Posted Sep 22, 2010

  • @Dramus : I'm sure Sleven will have someone from you. But I wish I could join you.

    @canana : Not sure about that game. How good is it?

    @Theking22 : Thanks :)

    @Vegetaali : I had to write. I kept everyone asking for one, so I had no choice :P PS3 is ok but not as powerful as 360. Except for rrod, 360 is far superior console. And, no you don't want to know about that :P

    @bigbadsad : Thanks :)

    Posted Sep 22, 2010

  • Just played a couple of hours and it isn't bad at all. I need to get used to the control scheme first. 

    Posted Sep 22, 2010

  • Why you didn't reply me  ;(

    Posted Sep 23, 2010

  • @canana : I hope you have fun with it :)

    @Xiao : Sorry dear. I didn't notice. Thank you very much :D

    Posted Sep 25, 2010

  • Welcome to the woooooooorld of tomorrrrooooooow!

    I know it's not the first time I see you around, but it's just become a habit to say this on introductory blogs lol. Glad we could get to know a little more about yourself, despite me being late on the news. I'll pay a visit to your good friend too ;p

    Posted Sep 25, 2010

  • thanks amaya for telling me about this site, it feels great to be apart of it :)

    Posted Oct 18, 2010

  • Do you care if you don't win the new Hotseat contest? You've mentioned you don't like OT Topics .I think the guys just like the girls to win so they can flirt!

    Posted Nov 28, 2010

  • @FetusZero : Thanks  Surprisingly I don't see you around. Lee told me a lot about you.

    @Taylor : You are welcome. But why I don't see you around much?

    @UserBanner : I saw that thread but I wasn't sure about the questions they were asking. I'm not much of a OT person to be honest. But I will answer as much as I can

    Posted Dec 02, 2010

  • hello, I did my first review :P :)

    Posted Dec 25, 2010

  • Good blog.

    Thank you Amaya for introducing me to this website.

    Posted Dec 29, 2010

  • Welcome to the noobfeed. im new as well and hope tobecome great friends on here. whats your gamertag if you dont mine me asking on the xbox360? and what games do you have for it?

    Posted Jan 15, 2011

  • Hi, hon.Stopped at your blog!

    Posted Jan 19, 2011

  • I like FPSs, though I think adventure games are my strong.

    Posted Feb 11, 2011

  • @Amaya

    You don't see me around because I haven't been around at all since then lol.

    Posted Feb 19, 2011

  • @FetusZero Judging by your last blog, I believe I've noticed you in facebook.

    Posted Feb 25, 2011

  • @Amaya : That's entirely possible, currently I have the same display picture for both NF and Facebook.

    Posted Feb 26, 2011

  • @FetusZero Pascal Meunier I assume.

    Posted Feb 26, 2011

  • @Amaya : lol yes, indeed.

    Posted Feb 26, 2011

  • I tried a demo of kane and lynch 2 awhile ago.  I think I made it all the way up to this gun fight in the streets, and after about 10 attempts at trying to get through the scene with the clumsy controls against pinpoint accurate cops, I uninstalled that crap.  The sets and style of the game looked very good to me, but I think I would only play it if I got it for free. 

    Posted May 17, 2011

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